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What is an outdoor casual chair?

Imagine that favorite recliner in your den, or the armchair in your reading nook that feels like it’s become a member of the family. Our collection of outdoor casual chairs translate those warm associations and recreate that same comfort in your outdoor space. These chairs may come in all shapes, sizes, and materials, but they all have their own unique character and style. Here are the main factors to consider when you’re narrowing down your search for the perfect casual chair to complement your outdoor lounge furniture.

What type of casual chair is the most comfortable?

Whether you’re looking at a modern outdoor lounge chair or a classic outdoor rocking chair, the typical casual chair is designed to seat one and is made with an emphasis on comfort for informal relaxation. That said, different designs are better suited to different people, depending on their body type and personal preferences.

High back outdoor chairs like Talenti’s Cottage lounge armchair provide additional back support for tall people, while extra wide outdoor lounge chairs, like those in Gloster’s Mistral lounge chair collection, provide plenty of room to stretch your legs. 

Seat height and depth are also important considerations when deciding between outdoor casual chairs. The lower the seat height, the more difficult it is to get out of a chair, so we recommend a higher seat height for those with mobility concerns. Similarly, deeper chairs are perfect for a day of solitary relaxation, but may create a sense of distance from lively conversation. If a casual chair is part of a larger arrangement, we recommend a smaller seat depth to prevent the need to lean forward to feel included in the group. Of course, an ample amount of pillows provide additional control and comfort.

Finally, if you know the chair is going to get a lot of use, it better be very comfortable. Check out these inviting plush lounge chairs from Point’s Tub collection or Skargaarden’s Salto collection, both of which are sumptuously upholstered for extended enjoyment and feature natural, neutral colors that exist in harmony with nature.

What is the unique character of your space?

Are you looking to outfit a movie set, or just capture the vintage glamor of Old Hollywood for your urban bungalow? If so, the Oskar Director’s chair from Sifas has real star power. The furniture designer Sifas is located in the French Riviera town of Cannes, home to the world's most prestigious international film festival.

Spend an evening watching the fireflies dance from the comfort of your back porch in an oversized teak rocking chair like the Haven Teak Swivel Chair from Barlow Tyrie. If you prefer a more contemporary riff on the classic rocker, Houe’s Paon rocking chairs feature playfully colored aluminum frames and bamboo seats.

Frequent entertainers appreciate casual chairs as they are inherently more convenient for temporary spaces because they’re smaller than sofa sets and sectionals, and many designs are lightweight and portable. Check out this foldable H55 recliner from Skargaarden and Pheniks stackable lounge chairs from Sifas, both of which are easy to store or rearrange as needed.

What materials should the outdoor chairs be constructed from?

Here’s a quick rundown of the various materials typically used in the construction of outdoor casual chairs.


Teak wood is a classic choice for frames, seats, and other design elements, due to its old-world charming beauty, its easiness to maintain (especially when left untreated, it develops a timeless silver-grey patina prized by teak owners), and its imperviousness to rot and warping in bad weather owing to its naturally high oil content. Teak outdoor furniture is often designed specifically for parks and gardens like the classic teak Adirondack armchair from Barlow Tyrie, or the Archi lounge chair from Gloster. Cushions and pillows can make the natural feel of teak a little more cozy.

Powder-coated Aluminum and Stainless Steel.

Many contemporary casual chairs feature metal frames. Powder-coated aluminum is lightweight, rust-proof, and available in an array of stylish finishes making it a popular choice for a wide variety of outdoor spaces. See how Kaat by Mamagreen uses a wraparound aluminum backrest to accent the colors of the upholstery and cushions. 

Stainless steel provides a more polished look, and adds durability and weight making it suitable for rooftops, terraces, and windy environments. Steel expresses its potential as a design medium in the ethereal Folia collection from Royal Botania.


For cushions and sling, there is a wide variety of synthetic fabrics that provide texture, color, comfort, and robust weather protection. However, we do advise you to purchase a protective cover for your piece to preserve the life of your investment, especially for seasons when the furniture is not in use.

What accessories should I buy with my casual chair?

Many of our casual chairs are part of larger deep seating collections, and can be arranged around a coffee table or outdoor fire pit in a larger gathering space that includes sofas and sectionals. If the casual chair is separate from a larger arrangement, we recommend an occasional table to set down your drink or book while relaxing. And if you’re looking to really stretch out and soak up some sun poolside, check out our large selection of fully-reclining and stationary loungers. Of course, all casual chairs benefit from a cozy blanket when the weather cools off.

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