"We focus on inspiring you with the highest quality of curated European and American made furniture and floor coverings."

Essential Seating

Collections that promote relaxation and comfort

Brand Spotlight: Manutti

Timeless. Contemporary. Chic.

Foyer and Entryway

It's the first impression into your home

Bring In The Outdoors

Modern outdoor furniture works great indoors for an easy style

Custom Wool Rugs

Unique designs traditionally woven that strike attention

Appalachian Collection

Hand-crafted by artisans from sustainably harvested solid cherry or maple

Bedding Essentials

Create your dream suite with our luxurious linens

Natural Hide Rugs

Add texture, style and sophistication to any space

Fire Pits

Furnish outdoor spaces with pieces of art and warmth to keep the conversations flowing

Ambient Lighting

Smart, powerful and long lasting solar lanterns

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