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Gloster Bora Loungers | Coso Side & Coffee Table
Gloster Bora Loungers | Coso Side & Coffee Table
Commodore | Steamer w/ Footrest
Commodore | Steamer w/ Footrest
Molo Sunbed | Ashe Heritage Cushion
Molo Sunbed | Ashe Heritage Cushion
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The right outdoor chaise lounge can elevate your garden or pool area into a resort-worthy hangout. Our collection of luxury sun loungers includes everything from timeless classics to ultra-modern pieces by award-winning designers. No matter your personal taste, the right chaise has the potential to be your new favorite piece of furniture, inviting you to indulge in a level of leisure usually reserved for vacation.

What features and accessories should I consider?

High-end sun loungers offer a range of features and accessories that reduce the barriers between you and total relaxation. Adjustable backs rank among the most popular of these options. Reclining chaise lounges are versatile pieces, acting as both upright reading chairs and outdoor beds. Some wooden outdoor chaises, like Houe's bamboo MOLO Sunbed, can even be used as a bench for group seating. 

If you don't want to fuss with finding the right position, fixed-back loungers guarantee that your chair will always be in the right place. In this category, we recommend Talenti's Argo Sunbed with its voluminous, deeply textured cushions.

Built-in shelves, another common accessory, provide a handy place to set your drink, phone, or anything else you need on hand when you're relaxing poolside. This feature is common in modular seating collections where chaises can form larger seating arrangements or be used as an individual unit, as in Gloster's award-winning Grid. On the other hand, lightweight stackable lounge chairs are a desirable option for people who live in cold climates where seasonal storage is required.

What material should my chaise lounger be? 

The right material plays a large part in determining the style of your outdoor space. Teak, for example, possesses a vintage, old-world charm, which is why it is the material of choice for steamer chairs. These comfortable wooden chaise lounges are named after the deck chairs that sat aboard the steam-powered Transatlantic ocean liners that ferried travelers to far-off places in the 19th and 20th centuries. Wicker outdoor chaise lounges also evoke the grandeur of classic seaside resorts from a bygone era.

Those in search of a more modern outdoor chaise should consider contemporary weather-resistant materials like sling and aluminum. Sling chaise lounges, like Barlow Tyrie's Equinox line, often feature clean lines and require little maintenance, which is always a plus. While sling loungers are comfortable enough that they do not require a cushion, upholstered loungers provide extra padding and warmth, extending their usefulness in places with a short summer.

How should I arrange my outdoor loungers? 

First, determine whether you want your chaise loungers to live in one place or if you want to move them around for different occasions. If, for example, you've spent enough time sunbathing poolside and want to nap in a shady corner of the garden, a chaise lounge with wheels can make that process a breeze. Talenti's Cleo Sunbed is an excellent mobile option, but folding chaise lounges offer the greatest flexibility of all, perfect if you own a beach house and want to move from your deck down to the water.

Position stationary chaise lounges to capture the most sun throughout the day and face the most picturesque view. We recommend placing an occasional table between your chairs so that you have a place to set your valuables. If you don't want a table separating you from your loved one while relaxing outside, a double chaise lounge is a great way to get closer outdoors.