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Legacy Lounge Chair, 3-Seater Sofa, Side Table & Coffee Table
Legacy Lounge Chair, 3-Seater Sofa, Side Table & Coffee Table
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Maya Cove 121.5" Sofa
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Haringe Sofa
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In the outdoor living room, the outdoor sofa plays more of a supporting role than the indoor couch, which is typically an anchor of the modern indoor living room or lounge. Outdoors, typically without a central television or other focal point, outdoor sofas are meant to promote conversation and togetherness, whether it is with the person seated next to you, across from you, or perpendicular to you. 

Luxury outdoor sofas are often low-set and deep-set as well. Thick padded cushions, like those in the Gloster Fern sofa, and a low center of gravity are intended to invite you in, and reluctant to let you go as you read a book, sip your tea, have a chat, or watch the world go by.

Typically there is a consistent motif that gets repeated across all of the outdoor furniture in a designer’s collection. This makes it easy to accessorize matching outdoor casual chairs, modular sectional sofas, chaise lounges, and more, and equally easy to mix-n-match.

Outdoor sofas and loveseats in particular tend to encapsulate those distinctive features of the collection’s style because they are both larger expressions with more fabric, cushions, and materials, but also self-contained with arms, backs, and feet that all gain more prominence.

Mid century modern outdoor sofas are all the rage these days, following the trend in interior decor. Skargaarden Haringe is a perfect example of this mixed media style with sauna-like slats of teak wood, chrome-like stainless steel feet and undercarriage, and wonderful tufted cushions. The Scandinavian minimalism and rugged construction make this outdoor sofa ideal for coastal climates with variable weather.

Teak outdoor sofas are a rustic option for ski lodges, as well as high-desert escapes where the warmth of teak is complemented by the soft ruddy colors of sun and earth. The popular DEDON TIBBO collection features turned teak armrests, feet and frame elements, giving the outdoor sofa a sculptural refined indoor look.

A curved outdoor sofa like Gloster Kay has a dramatic sweep to the back to counterbalance the forward leaning posture of the teak frame for a truly visually remarkable profile. The open-woven seat back, available in 3 earthy color choices, lends an airiness and Far East flavor to the piece. Who says outdoor sofas have to be boring? DEDON SWINGREST even offers a hanging outdoor sofa that you could suspend over a lake if you were so inclined.

The Gloster Grid sofa is very popular with its imposing geometric silhouette. This collection is notable for the sheer amount of other furniture pieces in the collection, including outdoor coffee tables, modular sectional pieces, chaise lounges, and more.

However, there are also many ways to mix-n-match an eclectic outdoor living room. The most important supporting furniture pieces for an outdoor sofa set are coffee tables and accent tables. These are essential surfaces for casual dining and decorative centerpieces. Pair a sofa with an accompanying outdoor ottoman, or opt for a sectional for even more comfort.

Many of our AK47 fire pits have sufficient surface area around the fire opening to perform as a coffee table-like surface while providing a magnificent central focal point as well.

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