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Skargaarden | Reso Bistro Table
Skargaarden | Reso Bistro Table
Houe | Circum Bistro Table | Click Armchairs
Houe | Circum Bistro Table | Click Armchairs
Skargaarden | Arholma Bistro Table & Chairs
Skargaarden | Arholma Bistro Table & Chairs
bistro tables
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The classic bistro table lets you enjoy outdoor dining in locations where space is at a premium. Whether you’re a bistro on a busy boulevard or looking to outfit a private garden terrace, we have a bistro table that will fit your space and style. 

Our bistro tables are crafted with high-quality materials to withstand outdoor elements, including weather-resistant finishes that make them perfect for year-round use, with options like aluminum, stainless steel, teak wood, and ceramic. 

Shop our selection of various shapes and sizes to create a comfortable, functional, and stylish space for you to enjoy your meals or simply relax outdoors.

Selecting the right size table

Selecting the right size bistro table is important for ensuring a comfortable and functional outdoor dining experience. When selecting a bistro table size, consider the size of your outdoor space and the number of people who will be dining at the table.

For intimate balconies or patios, a smaller bistro table with a diameter of 24–30 inches can provide a cozy dining space for two people. Mamagreen’s Zupy 24” Bistro Table is perfect for tight spaces. For larger outdoor spaces or groups, consider a table with a diameter of 36–48 inches, which can comfortably seat up to four people.

It's also essential to consider the height of the bistro table. A standard bistro table height is typically around 28–30 inches, but adjustable height options are also available. Be sure to measure the height of your dining chairs or stools to ensure they will fit comfortably under the table.

What shape of bistro table is right for me?

Round bistro tables create an intimate and cozy feel, encouraging conversation and togetherness. They also work well in smaller outdoor spaces or crowded hospitality settings, as they take up less space than square or rectangular tables.

Square tables, like Mamagreen’s Zupy 30” Bistro Table, offer a more modern and structured look, perfect for larger outdoor spaces or groups. They provide ample tabletop space for plates and drinks and are also easy to place in corners or against walls.

Rectangular bistro tables offer the most tabletop space and work well for larger outdoor spaces or groups. They also offer a more formal dining experience, making them a popular choice for fine dining establishments and luxury cruise ships.

What material should I choose?

When selecting a bistro table, the material is an important consideration for both style and durability.

Wood bistro tables offer a natural and classic look, perfect for creating a warm and inviting outdoor space. They are also durable and long-lasting, able to withstand the elements with proper care and maintenance. Houe’s Circum Round Bistro Table mixes wood and metal, featuring a slatted bamboo surface and powder-coated aluminum legs for a contemporary look.

Metal bistro tables offer a sleek and modern look, perfect for contemporary outdoor spaces. They are also highly durable and resistant to weather and wear, making them a popular choice for outdoor commercial settings. Skaargarden’s Reso 28” Bistro Dining Table has a sturdy steel frame and vibrant glass table-top.

Plastic bistro tables are lightweight and easy to move, making them a popular choice for smaller outdoor spaces or for those who frequently entertain guests. They are also highly durable and resistant to weather and wear. House’s Nami Café Table has a sustainable touch since it’s constructed from 97% repurposed Danish household plastic trash.