Hand-Woven Fiber Outdoor Furniture

Woven fiber outdoor furniture has revolutionized what outdoor furniture can do. Eco-friendly synthetic high-performance fibers are hand-woven around a metal frame: the result is furniture that is incredibly durable, low-maintenance, and artistically and colorfully crafted.

DEDON ROII | Tobacco Wicker
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Outdoor furniture design has been revolutionized by the development of strong pliant high-performance synthetic fibers. Whereas teak outdoor furniture may have a classic rustic look and feel to it, and metal and plastic have a quintessentially modern industrial feel, luxury outdoor woven furniture incorporates the expressive shapes and warm earthy textures of ornamental hand-woven wicker and rattan designs that date back to early antiquity.

The versatility and special weather-resistant properties of HDPE (high-density polyethylene) fiber used in weaving today’s woven outdoor furniture is what has led to such a diversity in the colors, styles, and textures available today.

Our European designers have been at the forefront of this revolution. DEDON originated the modern woven outdoor furniture industry with its signature HDPE fiber 30+ years ago. Other designers such as POINT and Talenti have developed softer more luxurious fiber-woven ropes and fabrics. One thing that all our European woven outdoor furniture has in common is the investment of time and hand-crafted quality that goes into each piece: as this video from DEDON so artfully illustrates, a single chair can take up to 7 days to weave!

Our woven outdoor furniture typically has an open weave that adheres to the form of the metal frame below (powder-coated aluminum or steel).

Additionally there are a few subclasses of woven outdoor furniture for you to consider.

All-weather wicker designs mimic classical natural wicker or rattan outdoor furniture without the drawbacks of brittleness or moisture rot. Shop all-weather wicker outdoor furniture here.

Rope outdoor furniture has a soft fabric-like feel to it and is typically braided together with cordage that has a multi-filament propylene cover and a water-tight PVC core. Talenti, Gloster, and POINT make use of rope to craft luxurious nautically-inspired outdoor furniture with the comfort and refinement of an upscale indoor lounge. Shop rope outdoor furniture here.