Outdoor Teak Sofas & Loveseats

Black Frame | Nature Grey Cushions (Included)
Black Frame | Nature Grey Cushions (Included)
POINT Paralel 3-Seater Sofa, Lounge Chair, & Coffee Tables
POINT Paralel 3-Seater Sofa, Lounge Chair, & Coffee Tables
seaside comfort: monterey teak settee and ceramic coffee table
seaside comfort: monterey teak settee and ceramic coffee table
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Teak Outdoor Sofas & Loveseats

No living room is complete without a comfortable sofa. This celebrated piece of furniture anchors the room together and acts as the focal point for social gatherings, from family movie night to pre-dinner hors d'oeuvres. An outdoor teak sofa brings the same style and comfort to your outdoor living area, encouraging you to spend more time outside enjoying fresh air and sunshine.

Our Grade-A teak wood sofas will transform your patio or garden into a lively center of conversation and a relaxing lounge. We feature a wide range of styles, from traditional to contemporary, from top European designers. 

Why Teak?

Teak wood is the perfect marriage of style and function in high-end outdoor furniture. While cushions can be stowed away in a patio storage box during inclement weather or the off-season, the sofa frame will likely remain outdoors throughout the year. Furniture covers can help keep the rain away during sudden downpours, but shouldn't be kept on for extended periods of time as they trap moisture and form mold. 

With teak, you don't have to worry about bad weather. This tropical hardwood is rich in oils that prevent mildew, pests, rot, and other hazards of the great outdoors. With just a little annual maintenance, a teak sofa frame can last a lifetime. Teak's timeless natural look lends itself to a wide range of design styles and pairs perfectly with upholstered outdoor cushions. 

What Style of Teak Sofa Is Right for Me?

An outdoor couch should be both a statement piece that expresses your personal design aesthetic and comfortable enough to encourage extended sitting. All of our teak couches feature outdoor cushions and deco pillows in a range of colors, from muted creams and neutral grays to vibrant reds and tropical turquoise. 

Point's City Sofa showcases plump cushions and a transitional Boho Chic look that evokes the feeling of bringing the indoors outside. 

While mirroring an indoor look is a popular design choice, others prefer to look to nature for their outdoor teak sofa. Gloster's Fern Sofa does just this, taking inspiration from an unfurling fern to inform the gently curving woven rope frame that grows out of the curved teak frame. Barlow Tyrie's Monterey collection borrows from the sea and pays homage to the California city's famous Cannery Row district with its mid-century modern aesthetics and nautical rope backing. 

Teak also lends itself well to airy looks and minimalist silhouettes. Ethimo uses teak to play with these geometric forms and pure lines with its expressive Costes Sofa, which is available in natural golden honey teak or pickled teak, giving the seat a weathered look that exudes rustic charm.

Building an Outdoor Living Room

An outdoor couch is a great start to a luxurious lounge area, but it will reach its full potential with the help of a few outdoor accessories. Before purchasing a sofa, we recommend that you measure your space and consider what additional pieces would make sense for your lifestyle and the type of environment you wish to cultivate. Our expert design team is always available to help make the most of your layout. 

First, decide whether you prefer a stand-alone couch or a modular sectional. Couches have a smaller footprint and seat two or three people. Modular sectionals can accommodate a larger group and are designed to fit the unique layout of your yard. If you choose a standalone sofa, place a casual chair or two facing the sofa to provide additional seating that also encourages free-flowing conversation. 

Balance the seating by placing a coffee table or fire bowl between the sofa and chairs. A fire bowl is perfect for cooler climates, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space for more of the year. If you forgo a coffee table, accent tables make for a convenient alternative and should accompany the sofa and lounge chairs.

Once your seating arrangement and tables have been decided, consider a custom outdoor rug to tie everything together. Outdoor rugs add a sense of style and warmth underfoot, solidifying the idea of bringing the indoors outside. Of course, even with an indoor look, you will still need to contend with the sun, so make sure you are adequately protected from harmful UV rays. A premium cantilever umbrella, like Umbrosa's Versa UX, provides all-day coverage without interfering with your space. When the sun goes down, an ambient light or outdoor floor lamp will illuminate your space.