Teak Outdoor Sectionals & Deep Seating

Zudu sofa left hand chaise</br><i>image provided courtesy of mamagreen, llc.</i>
Zudu sofa left hand chaise</br><i>image provided courtesy of mamagreen, llc.</i>
haven group in macaw: module left arm, middle, corner, middle, right arm (creating corner sofa) opposite armchair and ottoman
haven group in macaw: module left arm, middle, corner, middle, right arm (creating corner sofa) opposite armchair and ottoman
SEALINE | Deep Seating Collection
SEALINE | Deep Seating Collection
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Teak: A Designer's Dream

Whether you’re gathered around a crackling fire pit singing along to guitar tunes with your close friends, or just lounging poolside with a magazine, outdoor sectionals bring unmatched style and comfort to your patio. All you need to build a truly luxurious and functional modular deep seating set is a little vision, inspiration, and planning.

Teak is a designer’s dream for outdoor sectional couches and luxury deep seating combinations because it is so warm and versatile. It is often used as a textural or structural component that supports deep, inviting cushions.

Teak Outdoor Sectionals

Apart from its beautiful honey-gold appearance, teak is the ideal building material for outdoor furniture. Teak has a naturally high density of teak oil which protects it from moisture damage and insect pests. After the timber is kiln-dried, it also becomes resistant to warping. 

Teak will begin to develop a silvery-grey patina after a few months if left untreated, enhancing its rustic timeless appeal. In fact, with its pickled teak finish wraparound frames, the Costes teak outdoor sectional collection from Ethimo accelerates this natural process, imparting a silvery weathered effect from day one.

Teak is also a sustainable, self-replenishing resource for outdoor furniture. Our designers have spent decades cultivating relationships with teak growers in Indonesia, ensuring that our Grade A teak is oil-rich, screened for defects, and will be available for many years to come.

Assembling Outdoor Sectional Furniture

From the traditional “L” shaped configuration (where a right or left hand chaise connects to a sofa), to something completely custom, individual modular seating pieces allow for a lot of flexibility when building your ideal outdoor furniture layout. 

Many of our deep seating collections include popular preconfigured layouts and individual modular pieces that can be combined into your own design.

If you’re looking to incorporate reclining chaise lounges into a poolside ensemble, we recommend the award-winning Grid collection from Gloster, which marries teak and powder-coated aluminum into a multifaceted modern motif. Mamagreen’s teak-accented Babbo curved sofa set can encircle a central coffee table or fire pit, perfect for lively conversation. Gloster’s Ventura line creates a casual dining space by setting a sofa opposite from a coffee table and casual chairs.

We can also assist you with virtual renderings to better visualize your project needs. Contact us today for a design consultation at 800-555-6653, or email us at service@curranonline.com.

Style and Functional Considerations for Teak Patio Sets

Some of our outdoor sectionals feature solid teak frames. This can result in a classic rustic feel, as in our Haven collection from Barlow Tyrie, or a more weathered Industrial look, as in our beautiful breezy Aiko collection from Mamagreen. Plush oversized cushions are layered neatly onto thick plank facades of weathered drift-look reclaimed teak for a very beachy sun-splashed feel.

Teak elements can also be carved, as in the furniture legs from Gloster’s Lima collection, to reproduce the refined finished look of classic indoor chair designs. This collection also highlights how teak  complements other earthy textures such as wicker. Inset teak table pieces, as in Layout from Barlow Tyrie, create surfaces for beverages, hors d’oeuvres, books and sunglasses. 

One final important consideration for your deep seating furniture layout is cushion placement. Some collections offer low seating with the cushions placed on a teak platform just inches above the ground. While this is a luxurious experience that you can literally sink into, it is worth considering if some guests might have difficulty getting in and out. Two more dimensions to consider are the width and depth of the cushions. The aforementioned Aiko collection from Mamagreen offers your choice of comfort or deep modules. Comfort modules are shallower and wider to invite company to sit and chat side by side, while deep modules invite your guests to escape into a quieter, more solitary space.

Lastly, our Lima collection features a matching wicker cushion box for storing cushions and outdoor accessories when your outdoor sectional is not in use. Shop other styles of teak cushion boxes here.