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Reims Chest | Ascot Folding Table
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Garpa | Aven Cushion Chest
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Teak Storage Boxes for Outdoor Cushion Storage

The old adage “a place for everything and everything in its place” encapsulates the essence of teak storage boxes, which are a stylish, practical outdoor solution to organizing your living space. A teak storage box, or cushion box, is an indispensable accessory for your outdoor lounge or pool area because it preserves the longevity of your outdoor furnishings and enhances the appearance of your outdoor ensemble.

The best way to preserve the life of your outdoor furniture and accessories is to protect them against any unnecessary wear-and-tear caused by exposure to the elements. A teak deck box keeps essential outdoor items such as cushions, throws, and pool toys completely dry and ready to use at a moment’s notice. 

Teak outdoor storage solutions enhance the appearance of your outdoor space by eliminating clutter, and with their build quality and stylish design, these storage boxes, such as this very textural wicker storage chest with teak frame in Gloster’s Lima collection, are very desirable design objects all on their own.

Why do I need a teak storage box?

The primary purpose for a teak storage box is outdoor cushion storage. While most cushions for outdoor furniture are made with water-repellent fabric, the interior foam cores are designed to drain and dry out before reuse after they’ve become wet. When this happens, cushions become water-logged and susceptible to mold if they are not given an opportunity to dry. Proper storage is particularly important if you live in an area with a long rainy season or harsh winters. A teak outdoor storage chest protects your cushions against unnecessary exposure to moisture. Additionally, teak storage boxes are a great place to store gardening tools, outdoor lighting, pool toys, throws, folding chairs, and more, eliminating clutter and keeping your space organized.

How does a teak storage box protect its contents against moisture?

Different manufacturers have engineered various solutions to this problem. Garpa’s Aven storage box is constructed from a mix of naturally water-repellent teak wood and resin. Built-in recesses ensure ventilation through uniform airflow, reducing humidity within the box and preventing mildew. 

Barlow Tyrie solves the problem by caulking the top and sides with a polyurethane marine deck sealant. The Gloster Standards large storage chest is constructed of Grade A teak and has a neoprene seal between slats to keep out moisture. A sling bottom allows condensation to drain through the bottom, preventing mildew.

Other Features for Added Convenience

Many of our cushion boxes are available with locking lids, as well as gas-powered struts for ease of opening. Garpa even offers a teak storage bench, the Aven chest seat, that functions  as an additional bench seat for your outdoor dining area or deep seating lounge. Lastly, our Manutti storage boxes have wheels, creating a very convenient and versatile solution for the pool area in the summer, and outdoor cushion storage for the dining or lounge area during winter.

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