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sunbathing: djuro sun lounger teak and batyline sling
sunbathing: djuro sun lounger teak and batyline sling
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Teak Chaise Lounges

There’s something about feeling the sun’s warmth on your face and breathing in the subtle perfume of teak wood that calls to mind palm trees swaying in the gentle breezes of a seaside spa. The honey-gold glow of the teak chaise lounge, with clean white cushions, fluffy terry-cloth towels, and a tall frozen drink on the attached side shelf, round out this portrait of paradise.Teak is an iconic choice for poolside lounge chairs because it thrives in all sorts of weather, from the constant desert sun to rainy coastal climates. This innate versatility may stem from the fact that all of our premium Grade A teak begins its journey in the variable tropical climate of working forests on the island of Java in Indonesia. For generations, furniture designers such as Barlow Tyrie, Gloster, and Mamagreen have worked with local communities to sustainably farm and harvest Grade A teak wood to craft the finest outdoor furniture in the world.

What Makes Teak Wood Ideal for Outdoor Chaise Lounges?

Teak wood is an ideal building material for all outdoor furniture because of its naturally high concentration of teak oil, which protects it from rotting, warping, and insect pests. If left untreated, the wood naturally develops a distinguished silvery-grey patina. With only a few yearly cleanings, simply scrubbing with a mild soap, you can restore the teak to its original luster for a furniture showpiece that can last for generations.

What Makes for the Best Outdoor Chaise Lounge?

It’s fun to imagine the uses for this particular piece of furniture. Relaxing in the sun, of course, drying off after a dip in the pool or reading a book while enjoying a cool glass of iced tea. The best outdoor chaise lounges, like Skargaarden’s best-selling teak sun lounger Djuro, are constructed out of water-resistant materials like teak, are deeply comfortable and luxurious (Djuro’s sling upholstery is manufactured by Ferarri), and afford convenient features such as a built-in side shelf to stow keys, sunglasses, books, and other valuables.

Convenient Features

Many of our teak sun loungers feature wheels, some big and bold, others small and discreet, for ease of mobility when following the sun’s circuit around the pool area. The Ekka Teak Lounger from Mamagreen features an attractive Grade A teak frame as well as iconic oversized wheels that match the geometric style of the collection.Most teak outdoor chaise lounges also have adjustable backs so that you can recline at your preferred most comfortable position. The Horizon Lounger from Barlow Tyrie has 5 such settings, as well as an optional bolt-on fabric sunshade attachment.If you have space concerns for your poolside lounge, consider a folding chaise lounge like the interlocking 2-piece all-teak Nozib Lounger from Skargaarden. Other outdoor chaise lounges such as the Costes Sun Lounger with Wheels are stackable to save space.

The Timeless Appeal of Teak Chaise Lounges

Many modern outdoor chaises represent teak as a traditional design element while incorporating metals such as aluminum or steel for a more Minimal lightweight structure. Sling seats and backrests, as well as cushions and mattresses, are sewn together from all-weather synthetic fabrics to provide comfort, color, and texture.The Grid Collection from Gloster is an example of a modern modular concept with teak elements layered onto a mix of other materials. A stand-alone wheeled lounger has teak accented wheels and a built-in teak side tray. An outdoor double chaise lounge has teak trays on either side, and lastly, teak-accented loungers are available as modular elements to connect to larger lounge configurations for a hospitality-scale pool.All-teak sun loungers, such as our steamer chairs, while not as common, are notable for their quality craftsmanship and timeless style. The Commodore from Barlow-Tyrie is an award-winning homage to the classic steamer chair, or folding wooden deck chair, that graced the promenades of early 20th century trans-Atlantic ocean steamships like the Titanic. Solid teak slats, ergonomically shaped to be form-fitting, polished marine-grade brass fittings, a removable footrest, and foldable frame, all combine to capture the splendor of the Gilded Age from the comfort of your garden patio.


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