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DEDON's MBRACE collection takes its inspiration from the "gesture of embracing someone". With enveloping shells and stylish legs, these lounge and dining settings illustrate the breadth of options available for outdoor entertaining. Order one of the settings as-is, or work with your Curran partner in design to personalize any setting to achieve your aesthetic aspirations.

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DEDON MBRACE Armchairs with Aluminum Legs | WA 99" Teak Table
MBRACE ALU Dining Setting 02

DEDON MBRACE ALU: Dark Finish Dining Setting

A curated assortment of hand-woven fiber outdoor dining furniture with matching aluminum frames. Approx. 135 sq ft [15'w x 9'd].

MBRACE ALU/MBARQ Lounge Setting 4

DEDON MBRACE ALU: Seclusion Lounge Setting

A curated assortment of hand-woven fiber outdoor lounge furniture with low-maintenance matching aluminum frames. Approx. 150 sq ft [15'w x 10'd].

DEDON MBRACE Lounge Setting 03

DEDON MBRACE: Relax Lounge Setting

A curated assortment of teak and hand-woven fiber outdoor lounge furniture and lighting. Approx. 140 sq ft [14'w x 10'd].

DEDON MBRACE Armchairs with Teak Legs | SEAX 39" Square Dining Table

DEDON MBRACE: Breakfast Bistro Setting

A curated assortment of teak and hand-woven fiber outdoor lounge furniture. Approx. 100 sq ft [10'w x 10'd].

Designer Spotlight: Sebastian Herkner

MBRACE from renowned designer Sebastian Herkner starts with the essential DNA of DEDON: a distinctive and expressive hand-woven fiber seating concept, and elaborates this core form through an expansive range of seating and dining options, while incorporating the gamut of material and finish options available from the DEDON workshop.

“I wanted to use the traditional technique of the weaving,” Herkner explains, “to create a strong design that was like a gesture—the gesture of embracing someone.”

Working with world-renowned colorist Giulio Ridolfo, Herkner and DEDON have developed 6 unique colorways for the collection. MBRACE ALU features low-maintenance Minimalist aluminum legs, while the original concept MBRACE features warm sculptural teak.

DEDON MBRACE Designer Sebastian Herkner

MBRACE Collection

Sebastian Herkner's award-winning MBRACE collection takes its name from design that is "like a gesture—the gesture of embracing someone”. From the wraparound wing chair to the cocooning daybed, there is no mistaking the cozy enveloping character of these modern outdoor furniture pieces.

MBRACE's original concept in teak anchors a hand-woven HDPE fiber shell. DEDON fiber, woven in a triaxial pattern around the powder-coated aluminum frames, is available in 6 unique colorways developed by world-renowned colorist Giulio Ridolfo. The scoop-style seats with their expansive backrests are supported by sculptural turned teak legs for a refined indoor touch.

As this collection was designed with comfort foremost in mind, a lot of thought went into cushion styles and combinations. The cushions of the wing, lounge, club, rocking chair and daybed are quilted, which keeps the filling in place and supports the longevity of their luxurious embrace. 

Category A NATURA Acryclic fabric seat cushions are included for all chair styles, with optional backrest, headrest, and deco cushions also available for many models. NATURA has a cotton-like touch and carries color beautifully. The cushions are constructed out of water-repellent yarns, wrapped around a quick-drying foam core for long-lasting outdoor durability.

MBRACE comprises a full range of dining and lounging elements, including nesting coffee and side tables with handcrafted ceramic surface patterns. MBRACE dining tables are constructed of solid premium teak in a narrow surfboard-like shape to promote togetherness. 

The award-winning MBRACE collection has now been expanded to include frames constructed of electrostatic powder-coated aluminum. Featuring familiar designs, this latest iteration makes a very low-maintenance option available to those who cherish modern materials and ease of use.

MBRACE ALU includes the iconic triaxial mesh weave patterns offered in the teak line but pairs them with a similar color aluminum frame.

While colorful cushion options are available for every chair, the design makes for a comfortable sit even without a cushion. So take advantage of a rare window of nice weather in the off-season without the need to bring the cushions out of storage.

Design: Sebastian Herkner

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