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Our collection of outdoor benches honors the skilled craftsmanship and versatile functionality of classic garden benches, while offering innovative new forms and materials. Whether you are looking for a communal seating option for a spacious dining table or want a comfortable seat closer to nature, an outdoor bench is an excellent choice for private residences and public parks alike. 

What style outdoor bench is right for me?

A bench can be decorative, a private refuge, or a gathering place for meals and conversation. One of the most popular styles, the cottage bench, invariably features impressive ornamentation and evokes strolls through ivy-walled universities and old country estates. This style of bench belongs in a shady area of your garden, positioned to provide a view of your favorite plants. A curved bench can even be placed directly against the trunk of a full-grown tree. 

Another common style is the outdoor backless bench, which offers a more modern look and a compact profile, ideal for patios and decks where space is at a premium. Backless benches are often used to provide informal seating at rectangular dining tables, where they are tucked away when not in use. We recommend Garpa's minimalist Trey dining set and Barlow Tyrie's rustic teak Titan collection, two upscale options for roomy family-style dining.

We also carry architecturally interesting backless benches that act as solitaire seats, such as Manutti's Japanese-inspired San Bench. A cantilever bench is another design-forward alternative to the classic garden bench. 

Finally, a multi-purpose bench is an excellent way to add seating and utility to your space. A teak storage bench, like the Aven Chest Seat, provides interior space for small cushions and garden accessories as well as roomy seating. Another example of a multi-use bench is Houe's Molo Sunbed, which easily adjusts from lounger to bench.

What material should my outdoor bench be?

For those who appreciate traditional design, few pieces of furniture are more harmonious with nature than a wooden garden bench, and few materials are better suited to prolonged exposure to the elements than teak. This tropical hardwood develops a silver-grey patina as it ages and has the highest decay resistance of any wood product. For this classic look, it is hard to beat Barlow Tyrie's teak benches, which feature original Edwardian-era designs.

Some aluminum benches, like this white outdoor bench by Garpa, feature traditional designs but offer contemporary convenience. Combining a wood seat with a metal frame can give an updated take on a vintage look, while materials like stainless steel are decidedly modern, as is the case with Royal Botania's Ninix Low Bench.

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