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Teak Coffee Tables

One of life’s great pleasures is enjoying the peace of morning with a great view of the sunrise and a cup of hot coffee or tea in hand. An outdoor coffee table quietly anchors the flow of activities you enjoy in your outdoor living space. More than just a surface to rest your mug, a coffee table serves as both the decorative centerpiece of your stylish lounge layout, and as a staging area for an unending stream of cups, books, handbags, take-out containers, and other accoutrements of daily life.

Because they are so essential, outdoor coffee tables must withstand exposure to harsh outdoor elements and everyday wear and tear. Teak wood is commonly used for table top or frame elements because it is hardy enough to withstand all weather conditions, and retains its classic beauty and charm for generations with minimal maintenance.

Teak Wood Coffee Tables

Teak is such a durable building material because of its naturally high concentration of teak oil, which makes it resistant to moisture damage and insect pests. Our teak coffee tables and other outdoor furniture is built with Grade A teak, sustainably harvested from working forests in the highlands of Indonesia, or in some cases, recycled teak reclaimed from abandoned buildings or other industrial uses.

New teak has a honey-gold luster, but if left untreated for several months, it will develop a noble silvery-grey patina. Teak is very easy to clean, requiring only a few passes with a scrub brush per year, and is easily restored to show quality even after years of neglect.

Styles of Teak Coffee Tables

Outdoor coffee tables are frequently the focal point for outdoor lounge furniture ensembles. The warmth and earthiness of teak are frequently accentuated with vases of fresh flowers by day and the cozy glow of ambient lighting pieces in the evening.

Teak coffee tables can either be constructed of solid teak for a rustic look, like the Monaco from Barlow Tyrie, or a more modern blend of materials. The Lima collection from Gloster cobbles together a number of earthy elements, including teak and all-weather wicker. The Lima teak and glass coffee table ties all these textures together with a teak frame and carved teak legs, a wicker table top, and a floating glass panel to top it all off. The Monterey from Barlow Tyrie features a sleek ceramic surface, while Round from Point offers your choice of a luxury porcelain veneer or the hardy stone-feel finish of Italian HPL high-pressure laminate.

Other Features of Teak Coffee Tables

As with indoor coffee tables, the most popular shapes for teak coffee tables are square and rectangular, which offer the most surface space and convenient range for arms and legs in a typically rectangle-shaped sectional set up. However, some outdoor lounge layouts are more conducive to a circular or oval coffee table, especially for a circular sofa set like Babbo from Mamagreen. Meika by Mamagreen is a sturdy round coffee table with the polished look of tubular stainless steel legs, as well as a rustic reclaimed teak plank table top.

Some of our outdoor coffee tables do double duty as storage, or even as a wine chiller. The Skanor Scandinavian teak coffee table from Skargaarden features a louvered exterior surrounding a hollow interior which is accessible by a hidden drop door. Mono from Mamagreen includes a built-in powder-coated aluminum basin inset into the table top for chilling bottles of wine or other staples.

Many outdoor teak coffee tables are also built to nest with smaller side tables, as in Mamagreen’s Jaydu collection. This allows for more versatile layering of surfaces in a confined space as well as space-efficient storage during periods of non-use. Shop stylish matching teak side and end tables here.