Teak Outdoor Dining Tables

DEDON | TIBBO Dining Table
DEDON | TIBBO Dining Table
titan rustic teak dining table
titan rustic teak dining table
Fontenay 102" oval table provides comfortable space for up to 10 diners
Fontenay 102" oval table provides comfortable space for up to 10 diners
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The Perfect Teak Outdoor Dining Set

Composing the perfect outdoor dining set is a process of drawing inspiration from the comforts and style of an interior space and harmonizing that mood and aesthetic with the raw beauty of a natural environment. 

Teak outdoor dining tables, whether they are completely constructed out of teak wood, or just incorporate teak design elements such as table legs, table tops, or centerpiece accents, are a great place to start because of their natural beauty and the wide selection of sizes and styles.

Teak is such a popular choice for outdoor furniture due to the properties of the teak wood itself. It has a naturally dense concentration of teak oil, which protects against moisture ingress, rot, and insects. In addition, as teak weathers outdoors, it develops a noble silvery grey patina. You can preserve the original honey-gold finish of the wood with a treatment if you wish. Teak is also very easy to clean. A couple scrubbings and rinsings per year will restore the teak’s natural luster and preserve it as a conversation piece for decades.

Because teak is such a resilient, beautiful, and replenishable resource, it is the near universal choice for high-quality outdoor dining furniture constructed with natural materials. Over the past few decades, CurranHome’s industry-leading furniture designers have pioneered the effort to sustainably harvest Grade A teak from carefully managed forests in Indonesia, resulting in the large selection of styles and sizes for outdoor teak tables that consumers enjoy today.

What size teak table should I get?

Teak dining tables range in size, from two-seater bistro tables, as found in the Caffe collection by Mamagreen, all the way up to extendable tables such as Oxno by Skaargarden, that extend to almost 10 feet. Extendable tables come with either traditional removable leaves, or innovative drop leaves contained within the table. Drop leves. such as the one in the ultra-modern Baia dining table from Mamagreen, make it easy to extend your outdoor dining table at a moment's notice.

Most modern teak dining tables are designed to comfortably seat 6-8 guests. 

What shape dining table should I get?

Rectangular tables are very common and come in varying widths and lengths to fit your space. Many of our dining set collections that feature a rectangular table also feature bench seating to accommodate larger groups, such as Atmosphere from Gloster. 

Smaller square and circular tables, both available in the Aura collection from Barlow Tyrie, offer a more intimate experience that facilitates conversation and encourages eye contact, similar to what you’d experience around the family dinner table. For a garden party or high tea, consider a more formal oval teak table like Esedra from Ethimo. 

Styles of Teak

A traditional outdoor teak dining table will feature solid teak construction from frame to top, like this Stirling rustic farmhouse teak table from Barlow Tyrie. Like many of our teak dining tables, it features an umbrella hole in the center for all-important sunshade during the summer.

More modern interpretations will incorporate newer materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, or ceramic, in their construction. The Fontenay collection from Garpa features ornately circuitous steel table legs, fashioned almost like wrought-iron, among its Belle Epoque-inspired details.

Dining Seating and Other Accessories

Whether you’re looking for benches or more formal dining chairs, many of our teak collections feature matching teak seating options. For an earthy complement to the richness of teak, consider the rugged texture of a wicker-backed dining chair, as found in our Olaf collection from Mamagreen. 

A very important thing to keep in mind when selecting your dining seating is to provide ample clearance between the heights of the table top and the seats so that guests can comfortably move their legs in and out.

Lastly, don’t forget umbrellas and sunshades, as they can be life-savers during the heat of summer. For more answers to all your teak queries, and some invaluable maintenance tips and other videos, check out our “All About Teak” article, or contact one of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives at 800-555-6653.