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Gloster | Sway Side Chairs | Carver Table
Gloster | Sway Side Chairs | Carver Table
Skargaarden | Reso Dining Chair
Skargaarden | Reso Dining Chair
DEDON | MBRACE Dining Armchairs
DEDON | MBRACE Dining Armchairs


Whether your year-round forecast is filled with sunny days or you are trying to make the most of an all-too-short summer, outdoor dining is one of the best ways to take advantage of nice weather. We offer an impressive collection of designer outdoor dining chairs in a diverse array of styles and materials so that you can make the most of your patio season, no matter if it lasts twelve months or just three. 

How do I make sure my chairs work with my dining table?

Once you've chosen a table that fits with your space and satisfies your style, it's time to choose your seating. While your outdoor dining table may be the star of the show, the chairs that surround it play an important supporting act and the two should work in harmony.  

Dining sets are the most straightforward guarantee that your chairs will match your table. Our most popular dining collections, like Barlow Tyrie's lightweight Aura range, offer chairs and tables in a variety of styles, allowing you to create a custom dining set. Manufacturers tend to carefully consider how pieces from different collections will pair together, and some, like Houe, design their dining chairs to work with every table in their catalog.

But that doesn't mean you should limit yourself to a collection or even vendor. If your design vision requires you pull from different sources, just make sure you leave about 10-13 inches from your seat height to the underside of the table top. 

What type of dining chair should I buy?

Frequent entertainers who want to accommodate as many guests as their table will allow should consider armless outdoor dining chairs, which are easier to move around and can fit at table ends. 

If you plan on lingering around the dining table long after the meal is finished, invest in comfortable seating, like Talenti's Argo Dining Chair, with its soft enveloping cushions and ergonomic design. 

On the other hand, if flexibility is your goal, outdoor folding dining chairs can be hidden out of site when not in use or moved around the backyard for impromptu gatherings. Stackable chairs also allow you to make the most of your space.

What material should I choose?

Your environment and stylistic preferences should inform your choice of material. Solid teak outdoor dining chairs possess a classic, natural beauty and offer excellent performance in any environment, developing a silver patina over time. For a more modern take on teak, consider chairs that layer modern materials on a teak frame. We recommend Ethimo's Knit, with its flint interwoven seat and back and angular teak frame.

Aluminum and synthetic sling are also favored by those in search of a chic chair. These materials are lightweight and easy to clean, making for elegant and airy patio chairs. If you prefer a vintage look, synthetic wicker or rope bistro chairs, like those in Manutti's Echo collection, evoke the classic seaside charm of old-world hotels while benefiting from the convenience afforded by modernized materials.

Windy areas call for more robust chairs that won't topple over with a strong gust of wind. Shop chairs made with heavy wood or solid steel and double-check the weight before you order. POINT's stainless-steel reinforced Summer dining chairs look lightweight but weigh a sturdy 24 lbs.