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Barlow Tyrie | Aura Table & Chairs
Barlow Tyrie | Aura Table & Chairs
Barlow Tyrie | Bermuda Bar Table
Barlow Tyrie | Bermuda Bar Table
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Gloster | Whirl Bar Table | 180 Bar Chairs


As the line between indoors and out continues to blur, patio bar furniture increases outdoor livability and cultivates a convivial atmosphere reminiscent of dining at a seaside bistro or a enjoying a happy hour on a lively urban rooftop. Our collection of luxury outdoor bar furniture features a wide range of classic and contemporary design styles suited for commercial and residential use. 

What is the difference between counter height and bar height?

Bar-height patio tables are typically a few inches higher than counter-height tables and tend to have a smaller surface area, making them an excellent choice for intimate terraces or small spaces. Most of the outdoor bar tables we offer are between 40"- 45" tall. The Barlow Tyrie Aura Pub High Table is, for example, 41" tall while the Royal Botania XQI Bar Table stands a bit higher at 43."  

Counter-height outdoor tables are a few inches shorter and have full-sized table tops that can accommodate a larger group. The Mamagreen Sato Counter-Height Table and Barlow Tyrie Equinox Counter-Height Table both stand at 36" tall. Because they tend to have a larger surface area and share a height with most kitchen counters, home cooks favor counter-height outdoor tables as an additional food prep area in their outdoor kitchens. 

Likewise, outdoor bar stools stand a bit taller to accommodate bar-height tables, sitting about 10 - 13" beneath the table top. The Equinox High-Dining Carver, for example, has a seat height of 28 5/8," perfect for a 40" tall bar or pub table. Counter-height chairs are a few inches shorter and pair nicely with outdoor kitchen islands and counter-height tables. Just remember to maintain a clearance of at least 10" between the seat height and counter surface. 

Which material is best for my patio bar furniture?

We carry a versatile selection of patio bar furniture sure to impress discerning clients with different requirements of form and function. The first consideration that needs to be taken into account is the environment of your outdoor bar. 

Lightweight aluminum outdoor bar stools such as Houe's Paon have an artful, minimalist look and are easy to move around, but may not be the best choice for areas prone to strong gusts of wind. If you live in a windy coastal or mountain locale, a solid steel or heavy teak patio bar set would be more appropriate. We recommend Barlow Tyrie's Titan collection, which features a rustic outdoor bar stool and table with a classic farmhouse look. 

Material selection can also help you realize your overall design vision. If you desire an airy, timeless aesthetic, wicker bar stools like those in the Manutti Mood collection impart a subtle, elegant look. For a more contemporary flair, materials like synthetic sling and powder-coated aluminum make for design-forward modern outdoor bar stools.

Functional Considerations

The layout of your space will determine a few final considerations. For example, bar stools with a swivel are great in kitchen and pool settings because they allow guests to turn around and be part of the conversation, but are unnecessary at a stand-alone table. Outdoor backless bar stools are easy to move around and contribute to a free-flowing atmosphere, but are less comfortable than chairs with a back and armrests. If you're shopping for a restaurant or an intimate setting, folding outdoor bar stools and tables like those in Garpa's Fontenay series add beauty and convenience to your space.