Shopping Guide

Teak Outdoor Dining Chairs

There’s something magical about a warm summer night on the patio, surrounded by old friends, enjoying the perfect pairing of crisp chardonnay and poached salmon, followed by great conversation that lingers long into the night. A great dining chair invites you to sit down, relax, and stay awhile.

While many of our outdoor dining tables are part of larger themed collections paired with matching chairs or benches, your choice of dining seating does present a unique opportunity to showcase your personal style. This is simply because dining chairs come in so many varieties to suit any taste. Within the deceptively simple framework of seat, back, and legs, there is an abundance of visual and textural options, ranging from the materials used to construct the chair, to the shape of the chair itself, to how you want that chair to feel when seated.

Teak: A Sustainable and Perennial Choice

Teak dining chairs are the most traditional style choice for a garden or patio dining set because teak wood, due to its naturally high concentration of teak oil, is resistant to water damage, warping and insect pests. Teak is also a very sustainable, low-maintenance choice: with a few yearly cleanings, teak furniture can be restored to its original luster and will last generations. Over time, unless specially treated, teak wood will develop a silver-grey patina, adding to its natural noble character. All of our teak dining chairs are produced from responsibly harvested Grade-A teak wood from working forests in Indonesia.

How Many Dining Chairs do I Need?

The size of your outdoor dining table determines how many seats you will need. If space is at a premium, consider teak benches or armless side chairs, which allow more guests to squeeze in at the table and can be tucked neatly away after the meal is finished. If you have plenty of table space, and want to invite guests to linger after the meal for wine, dessert, and extended conversation, consider a more spacious armchair, like Titan from Barlow Tyrie, for room to stretch out and really unwind.

As a general rule of thumb, remember to leave about 10-13 inches of clearance between the seat and table heights.

Temporary Seating and Storage

Many of our teak dining chairs are designed with flexibility in mind. If you need to add capacity for an event, or live in a climate with a cold or rainy season, foldable chairs such as Ascot by Barlow Tyrie easily break down for space-efficient storage. Other teak dining chairs are light-weight and stackable, such as the Meika stacking chair from Mamagreen at only 11 pounds. The modern design features a playful combination of materials including a slatted teak seat, narrow tubular steel legs, and a sling or wicker back.

Styles of Teak Dining Chairs

From rustic solid-teak construction to the more modern aesthetic characterized by a mix of materials, teak dining chairs come in every style under the sun. 

Since the incorporation of high-performance metals like steel and aluminum into chair design during the past century, outdoor dining chairs have become more durable, stylish, and lightweight than ever before. In fact, one celebrated example of modern chair design, the cantilever chair, is so advanced it can be said not really to even have legs at all. Instead, lengths of curved metal are bent at right angles to the seat and ground to basically suspend the seat occupant in mid air. See our Bolero chair from Garpa, or our Grinda model from Skargaarden, for updated teak versions of this quintessentially modernist design.

Alongside these technological innovations in chair construction, a revolution in luxury has occurred. The development of ultra-plush all-weather fabrics and foam inserts have made outdoor dining chairs nearly as comfortable as indoor furniture.

Modern chair design is also influenced by global trends. Mid-century teak dining chairs, like those in Talenti’s Cleo collection, wrap around the occupant for form-fitting ergonomically-inspired comfort. Contrast that with our minimalist-inspired Scandinavian Kerteminde teak dining chairs from Skargaarden, where each material, from the teak seats and backrests, to the two singular bent pieces of steel for the frame, are thoughtfully engineered to create as little material waste as possible without sacrificing any functionality or aesthetic appeal.

Once you've completely assembled your outdoor dining set, protect your investment with teak cushion boxes for storing cushions, as well as other dining accessories like outdoor lighting, centerpieces, table runners, and more.