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Let pleasant days spent outdoors linger long into the night in the comforting glow of stylish outdoor lighting. Our collection of modern solar lanterns and lamps features design objects that evoke a romantic ambiance or serve as a primary light source. Whether your style calls for a high-tech solar garden light or a vintage maritime-inspired candle lantern, our assortment of European outdoor lighting delivers luxury artisanal products produced with expert craftsmanship.

What type of outdoor lamp is right for me?

First, determine whether you need a significant source of light to illuminate an area, or are in search of a cosmetic flourish of amber hues to complement an existing source. Outdoor floor lamps provide a high enough lumen count to brighten an intimate lounge seating area or dining set.

A playful update on the kerosene tiki torch, this solar powered collection features slender lanterns that can be planted into the ground or mounted on a slate base. For a more moody alternative, Skardaarden's Boo Steel Fire Baskets rely on old-fashioned fire and Scandinavian design, accentuating the setting sun in a waterfront setting.

Portable lamps, like Gloster's mesmerizing Cocoon Lantern, emit low light and can accompany you throughout the night or move around your outdoor space to act as a focal point, drawing attention to areas of interest that change with the seasons. 

What material should I choose for my outdoor lighting?

Solar powered outdoor lamps and lanterns are sustainable and convenient, requiring nothing more than time spent under the sun to charge. While solar technology continues to improve and is an excellent option in sunny areas, they aren't the most practical choice for those who inhabit locales where daylight is a precious commodity. 

That's why Skargaarden, located in the cold, snowy town of Gävle on the Baltic Coast, relies on good old-fashioned wood and candles for their source of light and warmth. For a more industrial look, Royal Botania's Dome collection sports a rechargeable LED filament bulb.

While practicality plays a big role in determining the source of light, your personal sense of stye should influence the frame material. Ceramic outdoor lighting, like Gloster's sturdy Pebble Lanterns, incorporate an unusual but architecturally interesting design material into ambient lighting. Teak lanterns, like Royal Botania's Club Lounge, lend a vintage mid-century look that recreates the feeling of an interior environment outdoors. Aluminum lamps and lanterns are sleek and contemporary, whereas mesh and wicker evoke a summery, tropical feeling.

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