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talenti riviera
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The fine, timeless lines and noble materials of Talenti's Riviera collection evoke the elegant luxury of a grand hotel overlooking the glittering blue Côte d'Azur, a destination collection designer Jean Philippe Nue knows well. But the lounge seating and coffee tables in the collection also possess the functionality and comfort to adapt to any environment, be it nautical or residential. 

The collection is made in Italy with materials that are decidedly Italian. The coffee tables delight with striking porcelain stoneware recreations of two of Italy's rarest natural stones. Choose either the bold veining and crisp white look of calacatta marble or ceppo di gré, a highly coveted stone quarried in Lombardy that is characterized by broken mineral fragments and a fine-grained matrix. These stunning table tops are supported by aluminum frames and are available in three sizes in various heights, encouraging playful combinations to form a nesting look.

These same materials are continued in the 2-seater sofa and living armchair, where they highlight sumptuous cushions that invite leisurely relaxation in deep and wide seating. 

Recalling the refined luxury of Old World seaside resorts, the Riviera dining collection will stand out as the centerpiece of your outdoor living space. Featuring light, fine lines and a timeless design, the Riviera dining suite is characterized by large, striking stoneware table tops in calacatta marble or ceppo di gré. Used in dazzling palaces and famous sculptures, Calacatta is prized for its bright white look and thick, substantial veining. Ceppo di Gré is a rare stone quarried in the Lombardy Region of Northern Italy.  A favorite of architects and designers, Ceppo di Gré sports distinctive large pebbles and mineral fragments in a fine-grained matrix.

The porcelain stoneware version of these two famous stones is a sustainable alternative that is resilient to weather conditions and easy to maintain, properties shared by the elegant aluminum frame.

Design: Jean Philippe Nuel