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mamagreen allux
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A light-weight, contract-focused line, Allux has many dining, bar and lounge options that stack, are customizable, and are very durable. This is the preferred line for many hospitality clients and is usually stocked in quantity in the States and at the Mamagreen production facility. Made of powder-coated aluminum with occasional teak accents, this line is available in numerous colors, subdued as well as cheerful.

Bar seating and tables provide a more elevated vantage point to watch the world go by, whereas the large dining tables can accommodate large groups of visiting professionals and sight-seers for beachfront restaurants and properties. 

The tabletops for the dining tables come in a whimsically inventive array of options to reflect your personal taste. Regular slatted sustainably sourced Grade A teak can be knocked slightly askew with the abstract pattern, where the lines are jostled out of parallel with irregular outcomes that capture the eye. Brushed recycled teak offers a deeper richer color and texture. The Italian HPL high-pressure laminate finishes are divided into panels as well, with earthier stone facades for a more industrial feel. 

Lastly, the pool loungers, which can be found at the world's finest spas and resorts, are both comfortable and convenient and can be easily wheeled around and stacked when not in use.

Allux dining tables are a universal choice for pairing with dining chairs across the Mamagreen catalog, from Mono to Stripe.

Design: Vincent Cantaert & Barbara Widiningtias