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cantilever offset umbrellas

Umbrosa | Spectra
Umbrosa | Spectra
Woodline | Picollo Cantilever Umbrella
Woodline | Picollo Cantilever Umbrella
Frankford | Eclipse Cantilever Umbrella
Frankford | Eclipse Cantilever Umbrella


Curran's selection of premium patio umbrellas all provide instant relief and refreshment on a sweltering summer day. While wicker loungers by the pool or a rustic teak dining table might take center stage in your outdoor living area, modern shade solutions are designed to unfurl quietly and elegantly, year after year, providing adjustable all-day shade and protection from rain and wind.

While an outdoor umbrella is an essential purchase for any area that experiences prolonged sun exposure, choosing the right one requires the careful consideration of a variety of factors. For a complete resource on all of the considerations that go into purchasing the perfect patio umbrella, consult our Patio Umbrella Buying Guide. The following summary will introduce you to the main topics to consider and familiarize you with some basic facts surrounding premium patio umbrellas.

Market vs. Cantilever Umbrellas

What is a cantilever umbrella?

In this style, the mast is structurally removed to the side of the canopy. This inverted L-shaped support makes the canopy more maneuverable on multiple axes for improved shade coverage and directional shade throughout the day. They typically come at a higher price point and premium features, like Garpa's Roma Swivel Umbrella, which rotates on its own axis and can be adjusted up to 90° to block the sun. Some cantilever umbrellas can be mounted directly to a wall, without the need of a heavy weighted base.

Cantilever umbrellas mounted to a base can be quite heavy. They range from 8 to 13 feet wide and require a base of 400 pounds or more to support the remote canopy’s offset center of gravity.

Cantilever umbrellas justify their larger footprint (and price point) by offering enhanced canopy maneuverability. A cantilever umbrella with a 360-degree rotating base provides shade to up to four times as much space as a comparably sized stationary market umbrella. The canopy’s vertical and horizontal tilt functionality allows you to provide directional shade anywhere within that radius as the sun moves overhead throughout the day. Cantilever umbrellas have an additional advantage in that the shadow they provide is largely free of obstructions.

Canopy Shape: 

Round & octagonal canopies are ideal for compact circular spaces such as hot tubs, circular sofas, dining tables, fire pits, bar tables, and groupings of poolside chaise lounges.

Square canopies are bulkier but provide maximum shade coverage for symmetrical set-ups such as bistro tables, square dining tables, and lounge seating islands anchored around a coffee table.

Rectangular canopies are less common, but are ideal for asymmetrical furniture layouts such as long rectangular or oval tables and extended sectional sofas.

Patio Umbrella Bases and Mounting Systems:

For patio umbrella purchases, the base is typically not included. Consult our complete Patio Umbrellas Buying Guide for details on how to select the proper free-standing base or in-ground/surface-mounted system.