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An outdoor fire pit is a source of serenity that provides warmth on crisp days and a welcoming glow on long summer nights. Our collection of modern fire pits range from minimalist portable options to large architectural statement pieces, but all bring the inimitable mood that comes from gathering outdoors in front of an open flame. Created by skilled craftsmen, these design objects are made for those looking for something more than a standard fire pit.

What type of fire pit is right for me?

Fire is traditionally held to be one of the four sacred elements that animate the cosmos, along with earth, wind, and water. A modern fire pit, especially around the aperture for the cylinder that contains the fire, will often have clear, or faceted materials, such as glass beads, or brightly colored stones or tiles, to reflect and enhance the brilliance of the flames. The other most common features of fire pits and the surrounding hearth are earth elements, like stone or iron.

Many modern wood-burning fire pits feature intentionally oxidized metal surfaces for a weathered earthy finish. Ak47 Zero Steel features a popular option with Corten surface - a coppery patinated finish that captures the fire's soft glow. A recessed frame houses logs that provide both readily available fuel as well as organic visual variety.

If you're looking to add a focal point to your deck or patio that attracts visitors like moths to a flame, then a fire pit coffee table is the perfect option for lively socializing. The Italian-made Tavolo table offers ample room to place beverages and plates on a natural wood surface supported by a robust steel framework. 

Rectangular fire pits are best for large outdoor patio spaces, while round fire pits, like the highly efficient Mangiafuoco by Ak47 Design, are more compact and better suited for smaller groups and spaces. 

Hanging fire pits, like the tripod Tripee, have a unique, space-efficient structure that is easy to transport. 

Cooking over an open flame is a romantic and delicious way to prepare a meal, which is why home cooks will be happy to know that most of our fire pits have optional grill covers.

Fire Pit Seating Ideas 

Fire pit seating can be somewhat informal, but it is almost always a mix of earthy elements such as teak or wicker, and often with cozy cushions or soft sling for comfortable rest and to stave off the bite of an evening chill. Get inspired with our top 7 smokingly stylish fire pit seating ideas!

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