Versa PX: A Completely Customizable Modern Patio Umbrella from Umbrosa

PX stands for “Personal Experience”, a new concept from Umbrosa to build your own completely unique designer patio umbrella. Choose from over 2000 possible combinations of canopy shape and color, frame color, and base options.

  • Starting at $7,629 (before base option), Versa PX includes choice of:

  • Square Canopy

    9'10" x 9'10"

    Round Canopy


  • 8 Canopy Colors:

  • Black, Flanelle

    Marble, Natural

    Canvas, Sand

    Grey, Taupe

  • 5 Frame Colors:

  • Black, Papyrus White, Beige Limestone

    Grey Beige, Earth Clay

  • 3 Base Options:

  • Hard Ground Support


    In-Ground Anchorage

    + $343

    Tile-filled Base

    (your choice of color or Thermo Poplar wood cover)
    + $2851

Designer Spotlight: Dirk Wynants

Dirk Wynants is an internationally celebrated trendsetter in outdoor living. He draws his inspiration from the material requirements for a project. For Dirk, contemporary design is more than a matter of trendy or attractive objects: design is about innovative solutions that contribute to making a better world.

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