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woodline easilift

woodline easilift
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With Easilift, Woodline has invented the ultimate user-friendly aluminum patio umbrella for home patio and commercial hospitality use. Easilift is for shade-seekers who just want to set it and forget it and let the umbrella do all the work. 

The International Casual Furnishings Association awarded  Easilift the prestigious title of ICFA Design Excellence 2021 Winner in the Shade Products division. The ergonomics and mechanics of this skillfully engineered umbrella include a novel hub system that eliminates manual moving parts such as cranks, pulleys, and ropes. Simply put, opening and closing a patio umbrella has never been easier.

Here's how it works: to open, use one finger to lift up on one of the canopy's ribs to engage the Easilift system. The umbrella will automatically raise to its maximum range and lock in place. To close, just pull down on the sliding hub to disengage the lock and stand aside while the Easilift system effortlessly closes the canopy and secures it in place.

The rest of Easilift's structural design supports the umbrella's very low-maintenance footprint and long-term durability, making this umbrella ideal for high-use environments such as patios, restaurants, hotels, and poolside lounges. The aluminum frame is anodized for long-term protection against moisture, oxidation, and UV exposure. 

The canopy is available in a range of Sunbrella acrylic fabrics, and the dome features a wind vent to withstand moderate winds as well as provide additional cooling in the shaded area.

For another example of advanced engineering see Storm. This umbrella has been developed to stand up to 50 mph wind gusts such as they typically experience in Woodline's native South Africa.