Family-owned, Italian maker of fine outdoor furniture
outdoor sectional: the argo sofal xl and argo sofa combined to form a luxurious sectional

Talenti products will be shoppable on our site soon. To order now, please contact customer service.

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Talenti products will be available on our website soon. For now, please reach out to learn more about the collections we carry and order directly from our team of experts.

fine detail: sophisticated design and luxury materials make the riviera 2-seater sofa a stunning piece

Talenti is a family-owned Italian manufacturer of fine outdoor furniture.  In 2004 the entrepreneurial Cameli family shifted focus from the family marble quarry to the production of elegant garden tables. Today, the brand is driven by a passion to anticipate trends and create products of superior quality, durability, and aesthetics. The company partners with internationally-renowned designers, including Karim Rashid, Jean Philippe Nuel, and Marco Acerbis, for prestigious collaborations and innovative projects that display sophisticated stylistic beauty. Collections are distinguished by fine lines and geometric purity. Shop Talenti's catalog of modular sofas, stunning dining collections, and timeless seating.