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garpa roma
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Garpa's Roma Swivel Parasol provides pleasant shade on hot summer days with the help of an adjustable rotating canopy that tilts to block the sun as it makes its journey across the sky. With a modern look and convenient features, this stylish collection is the perfect shade solution for smaller seating groups.

The round canopy is made with waterproofed polyacrylic fabric and is available in three understated colors. The canopy rotates on its own axis and can be adjusted up to 90° on either side, so you can tilt the umbrella out of the horizontal to block the sun when it is not directly overhead. 

Easily unfurl the parasol with a simple handle and admire upscale design details like leather caps at the end of galvanized varnished ribs. The umbrella pole is stylish and sturdy matte stainless steel and can be removed for easy storage during the off-season.

Choose either a heavy polished granite base or a ground socket to permanently fix the umbrella in concrete. 

Roma provides shade for closely spaced seating groups, like many of the tables in the Fontenay collection.