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ak47 design dado

ak47 design dado
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Mini but mighty, Dado by Ak47 Design is the square version of Mangiafuoco. It will be your focal point once the flames are sparkling. It is especially tempting to use Dado in smaller spaces, such as a city backyard or a smaller courtyard.

This wood-burning fire pit impresses with its simple design, enhancing any outdoor environment. It provides warmth and light for extended summer evenings outdoors.

Dado is made of steel and is available in either a white finish featuring a texturized white powder coat or a vintage brown industrial finish. It comes with a steel cover plate in a corresponding finish to cover the combustion chamber which isolates the fire residual ash, in order to prevent the escape of residual material in the case of rain or wind. When in use, the square steel plate of the fire pit does not overheat.

Dado also serves as an optional grill for you to serve a barbecue dinner to your guests. A storage cover is also available for when the product is not in use.