Royal Botania's Lazy is the ultimate modular outdoor collection. It allows you to modify your lounge corner, going from a sofa to a chaise at the blink of an eye. The all-weather upholstery combines a clean look with complete comfort. It has been designed, as so many of the Royal Botania's lines, by Kris Van Puyvelde.

The frame is made from light-weight aluminum, powder-coated in elegant bronze finish. Upholstery and cushions are wrapped in Tempotest fabric, an acrylic fiber that guarantees water and RV-resistance while still providing the comfort you are used to from your indoor seating. The neutral tone of the marble flax laminated textile harmonizes impeccably with Lazy's bronze structure.
Note: The marble-flax fabric choice is brand new; the product and ambience images on this site do not reflect this change yet. Please check the swatch images for correct color depictions.

Royal Botania priced out four different sets for you or have fun creating your own, unique lounge setting.

Design: Kris Van Puyvelde

Aluminum or Powder-Coated Aluminum is perfect for outdoor use due to its light weight and being highly weather resistant. Powder coat is a silvery white, soft, ductile metal. Aluminum is remarkable for the metal's low density and for its ability to resist corrosion due to the phenomenon of passivation.
Caring for Aluminum. Clean with water and soft soap. Don't use abrasive products and/ or scourers. Damage to the paint must be repaired with a lacquer stick.

Fabric. All Royal Botania fabrics have been woven from mass-colored acrylic fibre—your guarantee of optimal water- and UV resistance, plus years of comfort. Royal Botania has created a new innovative method of protecting outdoor cushions from weather elements of rain and dew. It means that your outdoor furniture cushions will dry quicker and last even longer. The new solution laminates a special membrane to high performance textiles, which are then sealed together to produce a material called RainStop. RainStop has outstanding resistance to water. Royal Botania cushions are resistant to heavy rain, however we recommend they are covered overnight.
Caring for Fabric. Most stains on the fabrics can be cleaned with mild soap and water. Simply remove dirt by scrubbing with water (<104°F) and natural soap. Rinse liberally with clean water to remove all the soap. Removable covers can be washed at 104°F in the washing machine. Do not iron or spin dry. To prevent creasing replace the covers while still damp, and dry in the open air. Store the material in a dry, well-ventilated area during the winter.

Method: Curbside delivery on ALL orders is FREE. You may upgrade to Standard White-Glove delivery* during the checkout process. You will receive this item by truck delivery. The trucking company will call and schedule a time when someone will be present to accept the delivery. Please provide best delivery contact name and phone number when checking out as the delivery company will need a valid contact number to reach you. Someone must be present at the time of delivery.

Timing: Cushions are made to order and take approx. 4 weeks. Items will be shipped from Belgium after cushions are completed and will arrive at the New Jersey warehouse within 6-8 weeks. This adds up to an approximate lead time of 10-12 weeks.

* "Standard White-Glove delivery" means that the driver will take the shipment inside the house, to whichever room you specify. The driver will then unwrap and if necessary assemble the furniture. They will dispose of any packaging material. 
Please make a note of any additional services that are above and beyond the Standard White-Glove description, and we will gladly provide a quote. Examples include:

  • carry up (no elevator)
  • narrow staircase
  • many stairs
  • long haul
  • shifting and moving of any personal furniture

Lazy Lounge Set Bronze 01
$6,755 set
Lazy Lounge Set Bronze 02
$8,800 set
Lazy Lounge Set Bronze 03
$10,775 set
Lazy Lounge Set Bronze 04
$18,030 set
Lazy Lounge Module
Lazy Lounge Corner Module
Lazy 63" Lounge Module
Lazy 39" Lounge Module
Lazy 32" Lounge Module
Lazy 39" Backrest Module (fits 63" & 39" Lounge Module)
Lazy 32" Backrest Module (fits 32" & 63" Lounge Module)
Lazy 25" Backrest Module (fits any Lazy Lounge Modules)
Lazy 25" Backrest Module Wide (fits any Lazy Lounge Modules)