Hole by Ak47 has been designed with the idea in mind that a fire element should live in the center of an outdoor space. This countersunk fire pit burns wood and is made from extra strong, weather-resistant steel. The visible components of Hole are finished in oxidized steel and given a special treatment to prevent corrosion.

You hardly notice the fireplace when not in use, but start a fire, and the warmth and appeal will allure your family, friends and guests to join you. Once the spectacle is over, Hole will blend back nicely into the environment.

Be it pool, deck, beach or garden (residential or commercial), Hole can be installed anywhere and in any kind of external surface. When not in use, you can cover up the fire pit with its supplied plate, which can be walked on. A stainless steel grill is sold separately and will turn your firplace into a barbecue in no time. 

Note: This product may display superficial irregularity and chromatic variations due to the use of materials and finishes which are enhanced by the natural aging process; thus, guaranteeing its uniqueness.

Hole is provided as an assembly kit. Assembling difficulty rating: easy.

Hole Datasheet

This fire pit is shipped directly from Italy; so please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

Hole 28" Outdoor Fire Pit
SKU: BCA070Z12
Hole 54" Outdoor Fire Pit
SKU: BCA135Z12