Ercole Teakwood Marble by Ak47 constitutes an exceptional fireplace. It has the looks of teak but the qualitative characteristics of marble. Just like in ancient Rome or Greece, Ercole uses highest quality materials to enhance modern-day outdoor settings in your garden, on your deck, next to your pool or at a hotel courtyard. 

Ercole Teakwood Marble embodies a union of two raw materials. The strong steel, forming the structural frame, is enhanced by a beautiful marble stone with a sandy texture originating from Pakistan. Ercole is not just a simple hearth, but a masterpiece of appealing outdoor furnishing. It comes in two sizes.

The visible components of the supporting steel framework are oxidized and given special treatment to prevent corrosion. The upper marble teakwood surface has been brushed to bestow a gently distressed finish to the stone. Being a natural material, the marbles grain may vary depending on the period of extraction.

The lower part of the fireplace may be used as a tidy log storage which adds to the feel of the object. Ercole comes with a steel cover plate to cover the combustion chamber when not in use, in order to prevent the escape of ashes in the wind and rain. When in use, the upper part of the fire pit does not overheat.

A neat add-on is a stainless steel grill (sold separately), which quickly transforms your fireplace into a barbecue.

If you like the looks of Ercole Teakwood Marble, but teakwood is not your thing, check out its sibling Ercole Rain Forest.

Note: This product may display superficial irregularity and chromatic variations due to the use of materials and finishes which are enhanced by the natural aging process; thus, guaranteeing its uniqueness.

Ercole Teakwood Marble is provided as an assembly kit. The assembly requires at least two people. Assembling difficulty rating: easy.

Ercole Small Datasheet

Ercole Large Datasheet

This fire pit is shipped directly from Italy; so please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

Ercole 59" Teakwood Marble Outdoor Fire Pit
SKU: BIA150Z20
Ercole 98" Teakwood Marble Outdoor Fire Pit
SKU: BIA250Z20