Royal Botania's Alura Collection, designed by Kris Van Puyvelde, features an innovative aluminum range that is just made for the outdoors. The powder-coated aluminum frames distinguish themselves from other outdoor pieces through their soft edges. They are availabe in three colors: white (texture), anthracite (texture) and sand (texture). The sling colors (white, black, and pearl gray) perfectly compliment the colors of the frame.

The Alura range includes an armchair, side chair, lounge chair, a footrest, and two loungers. The ALR 195 lounger is Royal Botania's patented masterpiece by setting new standards in outdoor ergonomics. With a simple push you activate the hydraulic piston, hidden inside the frame, lowering the seat, lifting the backrest and knees while lowering your feet. So push and relax!

The Alura chairs pair really well with Royal Botania's Taboela tables (see ambient pictures). For more information on the Taboela range, please click here.

Design: Kris Van Puyvelde

Aluminum or Powder-Coated Aluminum is perfect for outdoor use due to its light weight and being highly weather resistant. But also as it is easy to care for: just use mild soap and water (no metal scrubbers please) to clean the surface. To repair minor scratches caused by handling, use touch-up pens in corresponding color.

Batyline®. The sling of Royal Botania's collections is made of Batyline fabrics, a woven polyester fiber protected by a PVC coating. This coating guarantees exceptional resistance to climatic conditions and UV exposure. The fact that there is no moisture absorption results in quick-drying action, little sensitivity to staining, and simplicity in cleaning.

Teak. As Royal Botania never compromises on quality, only mature, carefully selected, fully grown teakwood is used, all of it harvested in accordance with the strictest environmental standards. The wood's renowned durability is due to its high content of natural oils. The resulting minimal moisture absorption prevents warping and thus gives teak its enormous stability. In addition, teakwood is highly resistant to attacks by pests. It is because of these qualities of matured teakwood, as well as its exceptionally beautiful color and structure, that it is a premium wood especially suitable for outdoor environments.
Caring for Teak. The beautiful thing about teak furniture is that you really don't have to do anything to maintain it unless you really want to. Set it up and leave it out all year long, and it will still hold up year after year, no matter where you live. It's able to withstand climate changes without cracking or warping (or needing maintenance). It will change color as it ages, and the eventual result is a distinguished silver gray color that is a mark of true teak furniture. But if you prefer the golden brown color of new teak you should click here, for products that can help maintain that color longer. We'll warn you: maintaining the golden brown color will take some work. Our recommendation is to let your teak weather.
One final note: DO NOT use teak oil on your teak furniture if you're planning to use it outdoors! Adding oil will cause your beautiful teak furniture to turn black with mildew. It's a bad idea, and something we learned the hard way. As tempting as it is, don't do it. The furniture has enough oil in it already to last for decades, you don't need to replenish it.

Method: Curbside delivery on ALL orders is FREE. You may upgrade to Standard White-Glove delivery* during the checkout process. You will receive this item by truck delivery. The trucking company will call and schedule a time when someone will be present to accept the delivery. Please provide best delivery contact name and phone number when checking out as the delivery company will need a valid contact number to reach you. Someone must be present at the time of delivery.

Timing: Most items will be shipped from Belgium and arrive at the New Jersey warehouse within 6-8 weeks. Some items are stocked in the U.S. and thus, will be shipped within 5 business days. If you like your item to arrive at a certain time, please contact us for stock availability before ordering.

* "Standard White-Glove delivery" means that the driver will take the shipment inside the house, to whichever room you specify. The driver will then unwrap and if necessary assemble the furniture. They will dispose of any packaging material. 
Please make a note of any additional services that are above and beyond the Standard White-Glove description, and we will gladly provide a quote. Examples include:

  • carry up (no elevator)
  • narrow staircase
  • many stairs
  • long haul
  • shifting and moving of any personal furniture

Alura Armchair (anthracite/ black)
Alura Armchair (sand/ pearl gray)
Alura Armchair (white)
Alura Side Chair (anthracite/ black)
Alura Side Chair (sand/ pearl gray)
Alura Side Chair (white)
Alura Relax Chair (anthracite/ black)
Alura Relax Chair (sand/ pearl gray)
Alura Relax Chair (white)
Alura Footrest (anthracite/ black)
Alura Footrest (sand/ pearl gray)
Alura Footrest (white)
Alura Bar Stool (anthracite/ black)
Alura Bar Stool (sand/ pearl gray)
Alura Bar Stool (white)
Alura Ergonomic Lounger w/ Wheels* (anthracite/ black)
Alura Ergonomic Lounger w/ Wheels* (sand/ pearl gray)
Alura Ergonomic Lounger w/ Wheels* (white)