The Drachmann range is the quintessence of classic Scandinavian garden furniture design. The teak bench imitates an old romantic garden bench of the Danish poet and painter Holger Drachmann. The whole collection is also available in white-painted Sapelli wood, which gives it a timeless flair. The familiar cross back will be an elegant addition to any garden area. 

The Drachmann Collection comprises a chair, benches and dining tables in different sizes. Note that painted furniture should not be left outdoors in sub-freezing temperatures. They should be stored for the winter under cover in an unheated room, such as a garage or basement.

Design: Bernt Santesson (Denmark)

Teak is second to none as a material for outdoor furniture and designs that are exposed to greater wear in everyday life. It is a dense and hard wood species, which is rich in natural oils and core substances. Core substances enable the wood to resist rot and the natural oils hold the wood fibres together and thereby, enable it to resist cracks and splits. All of this gives the wood unique durability and a distinctive surface that patinates from deep red-brown to beautiful silvery gray nuances through time. Skagerak has worked with teak since the 1980s and thus has the necessary expertise to exclusively select the best trees from premium plantations in Indonesia and Central and South America.

Caring for Teak.The beautiful thing about teak furniture is that you really don't have to do anything to maintain it unless you really want to. Set it up and leave it out all year long, and it will still hold up year after year, no matter where you live. Its ability to withstand climate changes without cracking or warping (or needing maintenance) is what makes it such a valuable wood and great material for outdoor furniture.
Teak changes color as it ages, and the eventual result is a distinguished silver gray color that is a mark of true teak furniture. Some people prefer the golden brown color of new teak and there are products available that can help maintain that color longer. We'll warn you: maintaining the golden brown color will take some work. Our recommendation is to let your teak weather. The silver gray color is traditional and best of all, EASY. Save your Saturdays for other things.

Order of application: Step 1 Cleaner,  Step 2 Stain Guard, Step 3 Color Guard (Protector)

One final note: DO NOT use teak oil on your teak furniture if you're planning to use it outdoors. Adding oil will cause your beautiful teak furniture to turn black with mildew. It's a bad idea, and something we learned the hard way. As tempting as it is, don't do it. The furniture has enough oil in it already to last for decades—you don't need to replenish it. 

Sapelli. Since it is extremely form-stable and has high density, sapelli is unrivalled when it comes to painted wood designs. The wood is reminiscent of the better-known mahogany and is often used when form stability is in high focus, as for example when a coat of paint has to stay intact and beautiful year after year. The firmness of the wood, combined with our special paint application process, provide the best conditions for unparalleled resistance to wear. This makes sapelli highly suitable for our painted furniture for outdoor use. All our sapelli designs are FSC®-certified.

Caring for Sapelli. All of Skagerak's black- and white-painted furniture designs are made of Sapelli and given a coat of our special paint, which has been developed and improved over many years. Even though the paint is extremely hardwearing and Sapelli is an incredibly form-stable type of wood, it is  as all other wood  a living material that expands and contracts according to changes in humidity and temperature. To keep the paint surface beautiful and strong for many years, we recommend regular cleaning with furniture cleanser. If the cleaning should happen to reveal small rifts or cracks in the paint, they ought to be repaired immediately with repair paint that is provided with the furniture. Swift repairing not only affects appearance but also prevents moisture getting under the paint surface and causing damage. Since our painted designs must not stand outdoors when there is frost, we recommend winter storage in an unheated room, such as a garage or basement room.


Method: Curbside delivery on ALL orders is FREE. You may upgrade to Standard White-Glove delivery* during the checkout process. You will receive this item by truck delivery. The trucking company will call and schedule a time when someone will be present to accept the delivery. Please provide best delivery contact name and phone number when checking out as the delivery company will need a valid contact number to reach you. Someone must be present at the time of delivery.

Timing: If item is in stock, it will be shipped within 2-3 weeks. If it is out of stock, the item will be shipped from Denmark and may take anywhere from 8-12 weeks.

* "Standard White-Glove delivery" means that the driver will take the shipment inside the house, to whichever room you specify. The driver will then unwrap and if necessary assemble the furniture. They will dispose of any packaging material. 
Please make a note of any additional services that are above and beyond the Standard White-Glove description, and we will gladly provide a quote. Examples include:

  • carry up (no elevator)
  • narrow staircase
  • many stairs
  • long haul
  • shifting and moving of any personal furniture

Drachmann Chair
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Drachmann Chair
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Drachmann 51" Bench
SKU: S1100505
Drachmann 51" Bench
SKU: S1040505
Drachmann 65" Bench
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Drachmann 65" Bench
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Drachmann 82" Bench
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Drachmann 82" Bench
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Drachmann 75" Dining Table
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Drachmann 75" Dining Table
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Drachmann 61" Dining Table
SKU: S1082015
Drachmann 61" Dining Table
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Drachmann 34" Dining Table
SKU: S1082010
Drachmann 34" Dining Table
SKU: S1042010