This is an overview of what we are able to offer for any of our hardwood pieces. Please contact customer service with any custom inquiries.
1. Start with an existing piece from our collection 2. Create a custom piece with drawings.
Change dimensions, style and / or shape
3. Find hardware you like4. Find a paint color
 you like

Interview with Jeff Curran, founder of Curran regarding our Custom Wood shop

Why did you create the Custom Wood shop?
My wife and I recently remodeled our home and refurnished it entirely. During the process we were shopping for furniture that would fit into our color pallet. Most of the hardwood furniture on the market was/is all brown (natural wood with a stain) and we needed items with color. I approached my good friend, who also happens to own the wood shop that makes all of the furniture for Curran, knowing that he had just put in a state of the art paint machine and asked if I could redesign some of the items he currently makes for us and paint them colors that worked in our home. He said “absolutely”. Our Custom Wood Shop was born.

Who is the customer who uses the Custom Wood shop?
95% of the customers who have used our Custom Wood Shop have been Interior Designers.
Can the End-User order from you too, and why are designers so interested in this shop?
Anyone can buy from us, but in my experience most end-users prefer to buy “off the shelf”. Most end-users don’t have the experience or the tools necessary to create custom furniture.  Designers, on the other hand, are constantly looking for items that fit into what they are designing and as well as items that are not found in every chain home-store. As the Internet has become more prevalent as a shopping tool for designers, we are seeing a huge increase in designers searching for things that can’t be found everywhere. Our Custom Wood Shop allows them the opportunity to offer their clients something that their neighbor won’t have. Designers are comfortable with making changes to items and have the know-how and tools to be successful at it.
How do I get started?
First look through our Hardwood offerings on our site to find a jumping off point for what you want. Then send us a sketch of the item showing any changes you would like to make. Find hardware from any supplier you like and send us the specs and we will purchase them or you can purchase them and send them to us. Send us a paint color (brand and paint number as well as a chip). That’s it.

What are the costs involved?
We charge a $200 up-charge for the paint and any slight design change. If large design changes are in order, then we will quote on a case by case basis. If we purchase the hardware, then we will pass this cost on to you.
How easy is the process?
Very. Basically the illustration at the top of this page is what we used to create the items for our home. First we selected an item in our existing line that was roughly what we were looking for. We sketched out the changes we would like to make and submitted new measurements. We provided the hardware from a company we found online, Rejuvenation.com, and sent a paint chip and color number of the paint we wanted to use.
How long does the entire process take?
From start to finish around 10-12 weeks.
What if I don’t like the finished piece?
It’s yours, assuming we did everything that you asked us to do. That’s the risk of making custom furniture and why most of our clients are designers. I strongly discourage anyone without experience in designing custom furniture from going this route.