If you are looking to purchase a cushion for your Barlow Tyrie seating, below are the options. Each cushion is made to order. Just click on the Sunbrella grade A color of your choice during check out. If you are interested in a Sunbrella fabric other than grade A and solid, please contact us for a quote.

Lead time is 3-4 weeks.

Barlow Tyrie Cushion Fill Options

Also take note of our Cushion Storage Bags for Barlow Tyrie's dining armchairs and loungers (lead time: 1-2 weeks).

Sunbrella: click here for Sunbrella Cleaning Information.

Armchair Cushion
SKU: 800001.X
Highback Full Chair Cushion
SKU: 800002.X
Highback Seat-Only Cushion
SKU: 800003.X
Dining Chair Cushion
SKU: 800004.X
Large Dining Chair Cushion
SKU: 800005.X
Slip-Over Armchair Cushion
SKU: 800087.X
Cushion for Avon Armchair
SKU: 800009.X
Cushion for Chesapeake Dining Armchair
SKU: 810116.X
Cushion for Chesapeake Side Chair
SKU: 810115.X
Cushion for Rothesay Armchair
SKU: 800054.X
Cushion for Savannah Armchair
SKU: 800056.X
Cushion for Savannah Side Chair
SKU: 800064.X
Cushion for Titan Armchair
SKU: 800084.A
Cushion for 4' Bench
SKU: 800012.X
Cushion for 5' Bench
SKU: 800015.X
Cushion for 6' Bench
SKU: 800018.X
Cushion for Equinox 53" Bench
SKU: 800037.X
Cushion for Glenham 93" Bench
SKU: 800055.X
Cushion Linear 53" Backless Bench
SKU: 800077.X
Cushion Linear 61" Backless Bench
SKU: 800078.X
Cushion Rothesay 6' Bench
SKU: 800052.X
Cushion for Rothesay 8' Bench
SKU: 800053.X
Cushion for Sissinghurst 77" Bench
SKU: 800065.X
Cushion for Titan 79" Bench
SKU: 800085.X
Cushion for Titan 102" Bench
SKU: 800086.X
Cushion for Equinox Bar Chair
SKU: 810503.X
Cushion for Lounger
SKU: 800006.X
Cushion for Capri Ultra Lounger
SKU: 810510.X
Cushion for Commodore Steamer without Wheels
SKU: 800066.X
Cushion for Commodore Steamer with Wheels
SKU: 800067.X
Cushion for Adirondack Armchair
SKU: 810501.X
Cushion for Adirondack Footrest
SKU: 810502.X
Cushion for Teak Footstool
SKU: 800041.X
Cushion Set for Arizona Armchair
SKU: 800020.X
$570 set
Cushion Set for Arizona Corner Unit
SKU: 800022.X
$699 set
Cushion Set Arizona Right Hand Unit
SKU: 800024.X
$470 set
Cushion Set Arizona Left Hand Unit
SKU: 800026.X
$470 set
Cushion Set for Arizona Center Unit
SKU: 800028.X
$472 set
Cushion for Arizona 30" Ottoman Small
SKU: 800029.X
Cushion for Arizona 41" Ottoman
SKU: 800030.X
Cushion Set Avon D-S Armchair
SKU: 800074.X
$504 set
Cushion Set for Avon Swivel Rocker
SKU: 800076.X
$525 set
Cushion Set Avon 3-Seater Settee
SKU: 800075.X
$1,042 set
Cushion for Avon Ottoman
SKU: 800073.X
Cushion Set Chesapeake D-S Armchair
SKU: 800111.X
$595 set
Cushion Set Chesapeake Swivel Rocker
SKU: 800112.X
$595 set
Cushion Set Chesapeake 3-Seater Settee
SKU: 800113.X
$1,780 set
Cushion for Chesapeake Ottoman
SKU: 810824.X
Cushion Set Dune Daybed & Ottoman
SKU: 800035.X
$986 set
Cushion Set for Equinox Armchair
SKU: 800038.X
$455 set
Cushion Set Equinox 2-Seater Settee
SKU: 800038.Xx2
$910 set
Cushion Set Equinox 3-Seater Settee
SKU: 800038.Xx3
$1,365 set
Cushion for Equinox Ottoman
SKU: 800040.X
Cushion Set Haven Armchair
SKU: 800043.X
$389 set
Cushion Set for Haven Left Module
SKU: 800047.X.LM
$315 set
Cushion Set Haven Right Module
SKU: 800047.X.RM
$315 set
Cushion Set Haven Corner Module
SKU: 800059.X
$535 set
Cushion Set Haven Center Module
SKU: 800047.X.CM
$315 set
Cushion for Haven Ottoman
SKU: 800045.X
Cushion Set Linear D-S Armchair
SKU: 810500.X
$460 set
Cushion Set Linear 2-Seater Settee
SKU: 810500.Xx2
$920 set
Cushion Set Linear 3-Seater Settee
SKU: 810500.Xx3
$1,380 set
Cushion for Linear Ottoman
SKU: 810550.X
Cushion Set for Savannah Armchair
SKU: 800061.X+810511.X
$300 set
Cushion Set Savannah 2-Seater Settee
SKU: 800057.X+810511.Xx2
$590 set
Cushion Set Savannah 3-Seater Settee
SKU: 800058.X+810511.Xx3
$885 set
Cushion for Savannah Ottoman
SKU: 800063.X
Cushion for Savannah Lounger
SKU: 800062.X
Lumbar Cushion
SKU: 800007.X
14" Throw Pillow
SKU: 810514.X
16" Throw Pillow
SKU: 810516.X
18" Throw Pillow
SKU: 810518.X
20" Throw Pillow
SKU: 810520.X
22" Throw Pillow
SKU: 810522.X
24" Throw Pillow
SKU: 810524.X