Wave is like a dream. A luxury canopy designed with all seasons in mind. Crafted with weather proof Batyline fabric in three neutral colors and an outstanding vibrant turquoise. The base sold separately is strong and sturdy stainless steel with a brushed finish and you choose for either concrete or sand embedding. Your hammock steps up a notch in comfort with the extra thick plush cushion in matching or contrast color to the canopy. Imagine ultra luxury lounging all day while escaping in your latest book or just taking in the view. 

Design: Erik Nyberg & Gustav Ström

Stainless Steel. Better known as Inox, is an iron alloy in which the resistance to corrosion is increased through the addition of chrome and nickel. The principle involves the protection of the outside surface by chromium oxide and nickel oxide molecules. These molecules are much bigger than the underlying iron atoms, which prevents the latter from combining with oxygen to form iron oxides – better known as rust. This passive layer protects the precious steel and is self-renewing. In order to obtain a chromium-and nickel oxide skin that is as pure and homogeneous as possible, and therefore optimally corrosion-resistant, the standard Lifestyle Collection frames are etched and rinsed with demineralized water after which a passive layer is formed by natural oxidation. Chlorine is the biggest enemy of stainless steel and can cause a form of corrosion known as "pitting". Contamination by chlorides or rusting particles can penetrate the passive layer and cause corrosion in certain places. This is especially important when near the sea, because of course sea salt is sodium chloride. It is necessary to give the metal as smooth a surface as possible in order to give it an even greater resistance to corrosion. This is because if the surface is smooth, there is less chance for contamination to take hold on the metal surface, thus reducing possible corrosion.

Since stainless steel is not corrosion resistant by definition, it is advisable to clean the furniture regularly with clean water and soft soap. This minimizes the contamination of the surface, including by metal particles known as airborne rust. In areas near the coast or close to industrial plants that produce an increased concentration of chlorides or sulphur dioxides, cleaning to remove deposits is extremely important. Inside use causes annoying stains, usually through fingerprints.

In areas with a high corrosive impact (coastal areas, industrial areas) or the influence of thawing salt, smoke emissions and environmental pollution, more regular cleaning is needed (ca 3-4 times a year) than in areas where such influences are not so great or not present at all (ca 1-2 times a year). The overall principle is that cleaning should be done before the deposit of high-level contamination.

Batyline®For the seats and backs of our chairs and beds we use Batyline® fabric, a polyester fibre which is provided with a PVC-coating and then woven. The fibers are then melted together to create an extremely form-fast, stretch-and tear resistant fabric. Apart from its exceptional mechanical strength, it has a high chemical resistance. The synthetic coating guarantees an extremely high weather- and UV resistance. The fact that no moisture is absorbed results in rapid drying, maximum stain- and mould resistance and simple cleaning. The most important feature is its pliancy and optimal seating comfort.

Method: Standard curbside delivery on ALL orders is FREE. You may upgrade to Enhanced delivery* during the checkout process. You will receive this item by truck delivery. The trucking company will call and schedule a time when someone will be present to accept the delivery. Please provide best delivery contact name and phone number when checking out as the delivery company will need a valid contact number to reach you. Someone must be present at the time of delivery.

Timing: Cushions are made to order and take approx. 4 weeks. Items will be shipped from Belgium after cushions are completed and will arrive at the New Jersey warehouse within 6-8 weeks. This adds up to an approximate lead time of 10-12 weeks.

* "Enhanced delivery" means that the driver will take the shipment inside the house, to whichever room you specify. The driver will then unwrap and if necessary assemble the furniture. They will dispose of any packaging material. 
Please make a note of any additional services that are above and beyond the Enhanced delivery description, and we will gladly provide a quote. Examples include:

  • carry up (no elevator)
  • narrow staircase
  • many stairs
  • long haul
  • shifting and moving of any personal furniture

The Wave Canopy Hammock in Stainless Steel Electro Polished with Batyline Black
Wave Hammock
Wave Cushion
Wave Base for Concrete Ground
Wave Base for Sand Ground