Lanai has been designed to create the ambience of tiki torches but with clean renewable solar energy—free recharge and no fire hassle. The slim, tapered frame evokes modern minimalism and is made from weather-proven, aesthetic outdoor materials such as teak and powder-coated aluminum. Whether you love the subdued look of natural/ weathered teak or you would like to add a splash of color throughout your garden, along a pathway or to uplift your resort's atmosphere, Lanai offers the perfect lighting solution for residential as well as hospitality settings.

This sustainable solar path light comes with spades for planting. Stagger your lights at two heights (small and tall) for radiating different strata of light. Be playful and have fun exploring diverse themes and variations.

Each lamp emits a highly efficient yet dimmable light, utilizing low-energy LED lamps with a 500 lumens output. 500 lumens compare to the brightness of a 50 watt conventional bulb while using about 90% less energy. If you need a quick power up, a USB cable is included. A full charge will last 5 hours in a row or up to 200 hours when dimmed—duration depends on the set mode: standby or permanent light output, motion sensor on or off, dimmable options. Periodically, gently wipe the solar panel with a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt to get maximum recharging benefits.

Solar Module 500 Lumens (2 Modes)


(visualized by one flash) CLICK ONCE

Your lamp will automatically start at night fall (125 lumens preset on standby). Motion sensor is activated.


(visualized by 2 flashes) CLICK TWICE

Your lamp is ON (500 lumens preset, permanently). Motion sensor is OFF (the light stays on until the batteries are empty).


A third click turns the device off (no flash)

In order to find a specific mode, follow the cycle: MODE 1, MODE 2, OFF.

Solar Module Does Not Work

Place it under the sun for a day or recharge it with the USB cable (included).

Custom Settings through a Long Push on the ON/OFF Button

In MODE 1: set the standby light output from 0 to 300 lumens.
In MODE 2: set the permanent light output from 5 to 500 lumens.

Frame & Solar Panel Care
Because solar lights are usually left outdoors, they can gather quite a bit of dust and dirt. We recommend using a simple damp cloth and taking great care when cleaning the surfaces of both your light frame and solar module, so your lantern can get maximum recharge by the sun.

These solar products are warranted against defect for one year (from the date of purchase). The fabrication number needs to be saved for warranty inquiries. The warranty is voided with unexpected uses such as total immersion or visible damage to the module.

Method: You will receive this item by Fed Ex or UPS delivery. 

Timing: The typical lead time for this item is 5-10 business days from confirmed order and items in stock.

Lanai Solar Torch Lantern | Small
Lanai Solar Torch Lantern | Small
Lanai Solar Torch Lantern | Small
Lanai Solar Torch Lantern | Small
Lanai Solar Torch Lantern | Tall
Lanai Solar Torch Lantern | Tall
Lanai Solar Torch Lantern | Tall
Lanai Solar Torch Lantern | Tall
Lanai Torch Base Slate Finish