About Mamagreen

Mamagreen: The Name Says It All

There's even something in the name, Mamagreen, that captures the spirit of this relative newcomer to the outdoor furniture world. It suggests a deep connection to the natural world, that nurtures and informs the commitments of this very eco-focused designer.

Mamagreen was founded in 2007 by Vincent Cantaert, a designer from Belgium, who now heads the Mamagreen Design Lab, where he's been joined by young Indonesian designers, Barbara Widiningtias and Zaenal Abidin, and a supporting team of sample makers and engineers. Many of CurranHome's Mamagreen collections are creative collaborations between these talented minds.

Respect for the Materials and Design Innovation

Guided by two controlling principles, a commitment to respecting their materials and their sources, and design innovation, Mamagreen has vastly expanded their role in the global marketplace for high-quality, durable, and sustainably sourced outdoor furniture. And that's saying nothing of the myriad style statements and intricate craftsmanship that is literally woven into every piece, from a wicker-back chair to their plush deep seating sectionals.

A Commitment to Sustainability

With their manufacturing facilities located on the island of Java in Indonesia, Mamagreen has instant access to the rich natural resources of the nearby working teak forests for their Grade A teak. However, Mamagreen goes way further in its commitment to conscientious design by reclaiming more than 90% of the teak they use from abandoned buildings. This recycled teak is restored and repurposed, often retaining some of the nail holes and distresses of its former life, honoring the character and lineage of this noble material.

Mamagreen Today

While perusing these Mamagreen collections, keep in mind that all of the materials used in these furniture pieces, from the reclaimed teak, to the aluminum and stainless steel frames, wicker, and Batyline Sling, have all been thoroughly engineered to thrive in any climate, from Zurich to Sydney to Houston, and are all 100% recyclable. Always adapting to the needs of a demanding marketplace, Mamagreen continues on its commitments to speedily and sustainably sourcing its ever-evolving collections, and working with residential and commercial customers to make their project dreams come to life.

Read more on our blog about the three new Mamagreen collections we've launched for sale on our site recently. Olaf is a contemporary wicker dining seating set. Maxximus is Mamagreen’s longest extendable table to date. And Boulevard is a vast assortment of configurable deep seating modules, with double sided configurations available as well (individual elements have front and back seating), and can be layered with table piece inserts, sun shades, and more.