Hardwood Sustainability Statement

Curran Hardwood Sustainability Statement

With our hardwood furniture we approach furniture manufacturing in a holistic manner and take pride both in what we create and how we create it.

Local Production

We build 100% of our products in the USA, and source over 95% of our raw materials from within a 350 mile radius of our award-winning factory. Thanks to our locally sourced material and production, we avoid oil-intensive shipping, deforestation and the unmitigated pollution that's allowed with overseas production.

Renewable Raw Materials

We actively support the responsible management of forests and understand the importance of sustaining biodiversity. We work exclusively with domestic hardwoods that are harvested from the Appalachian Forests by suppliers that meet strict state and national standards for land & timber management. These "Best Management Practices" have helped the Appalachian mountain region consistently increase its population of hardwood trees over the past 40+ years.

Minimizing Impact

Sustainability is a continuous improvement process within our organization that we started over 10 years ago. We vigilantly work to reduce our energy usage and formally track 100% of our waster streams, i.e. we monitor everything coming into and going out of our facility, from wood to water to AA batteries, to assure all materials are used wisely and disposed of properly. These efforts have allowed us to reduce our emissions of hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) by 90+% and our overall VOC emissions by 40+% to date.