Gloster's deco cushions are a work of art in themselves, offering a wide array of styles and patterns all designed to match or add a final touch to their timeless outdoor collections. 

Gloster offers its cushions in three distinct fabric groups: Outdoor Performance Fabrics replicate an indoor feel with the advantage of high water-resistance to protect the luxurious fillings. Water Resistant Fabrics utilize Sunbrella Rain and Sunbrella Renaissance fabrics. Sunbrella Rain, not quite as soft to the touch, features a water-resistant coating on the underside of the fabric to prevent water from traveling beyond the surface and for quick drying. Sunbrella Renaissance fabrics combine up to 50% post-industrial recycled* Sunbrella fiber with virgin Sunbrella fiber to achieve a distinct vintage look, rich in coloration, smooth in feel but with the same durability. Soft Touch Fabrics marry both worlds—outdoor performance with sumptuous softness. These knitted fabrics are sinuous like your favorite blanket and stretchy to be easily shaped into almost any form.

Maximum outdoor performance, water resistance and soft touch is Gloster's mission behind these beautiful throw pillows. Mix and match to create a unique outdoor experience.

Gloster Material and Care

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Optional Gloster Fabric

Should you be interested in seeing all the fabrics available for Gloster outdoor cushions, just click on the Gloster Fabrics PDF below. While browsing through the fabrics, take notice of the grade classifications underneath each color—A (standard) to B, C and D (upcharge). If you are not sure about the additional costs, please contact our customer service team for a quote.

Gloster Fabrics

Cushions are made to order and take approximately 4-6 weeks.

Gloster 24" Throw Pillow with Fife Grey Fabric
24" Throw Pillow (welt)
SKU: C71
Gloster 20" Throw Pillow with Mineral Blue Fabric
20" Throw Pillow (welt)
SKU: C70
Gloster 16" Throw Pillow with Fife Ice Fabric
16" Throw Pillow (welt)
SKU: C20
14.5" x 17.5" Bullnose Throw Pillow (no welt)
SKU: C85