Garpa Fontenay

Garpa has designed a classic garden collection informed by the timeless elegance of the Belle Epoque, but modernized to be incomparably more comfortable and convenient. Fontenay brings the vibrant spirit of the late 19th-century French garden to today's country and urban retreats, with outdoor dining and lounge furniture characterized by graceful curves, ergonomic design, and meticulous craftsmanship.

The collection includes an extensive range of slatted teak and matte grey ceramic table tops in shapes and sizes that accommodate any space or occasion, be it an intimate tea time or a lively holiday celebration. Galvanized, powder-coated steel frames are equipped with a smooth folding mechanism for easy storage, while a serving trolley and console table offer functionality to your outdoor salon.

Celebrate the "joi de vivre" of outdoor leisure in comfortable furniture with a distinctive, classic style. 

Method: Standard curbside delivery on ALL orders is FREE. You may upgrade to Enhanced delivery* during the checkout process. You will receive this item by truck delivery. The trucking company will call and schedule a time when someone will be present to accept the delivery. Please provide best delivery contact name and phone number when checking out as the delivery company will need a valid contact number to reach you. Someone must be present at the time of delivery.

Timing: Items are stocked in and ship from Germany. If item is in stock, it will take anywhere from 4-8 weeks for delivery. If item is not in stock, it will be shipped once made available. For the latest stock availability, please contact Customer Service.

* "Enhanced delivery" means that the driver will take the shipment inside the house, to whichever room you specify. The driver will then unwrap and if necessary assemble the furniture. They will dispose of any packaging material. Please make a note of any additional services that are above and beyond the Enhanced delivery description, and we will gladly provide a quote. Examples include:

  • carry up (no elevator)
  • narrow staircase
  • many stairs
  • long haul
  • shifting and moving of any personal furniture

Fontenay Armchair
SKU: 2002
Fontenay Dining Chair
SKU: 2001
Fontenay Recliner
SKU: 2116
Fontenay Footstool
SKU: 2004
Fontenay Barstool
SKU: 2248
Fontenay 79-102" Extending Dining Table
SKU: 3028
Fontenay 63-84" Extending Dining Table
SKU: 3027
Fontenay 102" Oval Table
SKU: 2254
Fontenay 79" Oval Folding Table
SKU: 2091
Fontenay 63" Oval Lounge Table
SKU: 3056
Fontenay 63" Oval Folding Table
SKU: 2090
Fontenay 63" Dining Table
SKU: 3017
Fontenay 63" Lounge Table
SKU: 3055
Fontenay 55" Foldable Bar Table
SKU: 3059
Fontenay 59" Round Table
SKU: 2092
Fontenay 47" Round Table
SKU: 3034
Fontenay 35" Round Table
SKU: 2045
Fontenay 35" Round Folding Table
SKU: 3013
Fontenay 30" Round Table
SKU: 2049
Fontenay 30" Round Folding Table
SKU: 3012
Fontenay 30" Round Tall Table
SKU: 3045
Fontenay 47" Ceramic Round Table
SKU: 3065
Fontenay 35" Ceramic Round Table
SKU: 3064
Fontenay 30" Ceramic Round Table
SKU: 3063
Fontenay 33" Square Table
SKU: 3016
Fontenay 33" Folding Table
SKU: 3049
Fontenay 33" Folding Balcony Table
SKU: 2119
Fontenay 22" Round Side Table
SKU: 2037
Fontenay 22" Low Folding Side Table
SKU: 3011
Fontenay 22" Round Ceramic Side Table
SKU: 3061
Fontenay Serving Trolley
SKU: 3024
Fontenay Butler's Tray
SKU: 3041
Fontenay Console Table
SKU: 3048
Fontenay Single Tray (Butler's Tray Teak)
SKU: 3042
Fontenay Single Tray (Serving Trolley Teak)
SKU: 3023
Fontenay 73" Bench
SKU: 2005
Fontenay 51" Bench
SKU: 2003
Fontenay Lounger
SKU: 3025
Fontenay Deck Chair
SKU: 3040
Fontenay Lounge Armchair
SKU: 2108
Fontenay 73" Lounge Bench
SKU: 2107
Fontenay Lounge Footstool
SKU: 2109
Fontenay Room Divider
SKU: 2276