Add enlightened playfulness and practicality to your outdoor or indoor space with the Bump solar lantern. Whether you are planning a summer dinner party or an overnight trip on your boat, one, two or three Bumps will lighten up your surroundings wherever you go.

Each lamp emits a powerful yet dimmable light, utilizing low-energy LED lamps with a 300 lumen output. Bump uses about 90% less energy than a conventional 30 watt bulb.

The rounded and tapered design radiates an air of toughness and materials used are right in line with this theme. Bump's frame, made from lightweight aluminum, comes in two colors and requires minimal maintenance. The diffuser body is crafted from the same durable plastic used for kayak shells. The only maintenance recommended is to gently wipe the solar panel with a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt to get maximum benefits from the sun to recharge your lantern. A full charge will last 4 hours in a row or up to 150 hours when dimmed—duration depends on the set mode: nightfall to sunrise or permanent light output and dimmable options.

Bump solar lanterns help you to reduce your carbon footprint while still luminously enjoying your porch, backyard or swimming pool late into the night.

Solar Module 300 Lumens (2 Modes)



Turns automatically on at nightfall & automatically shuts off at sunrise.


Stays on day or night at maximum power.


Dim light from 300 lumens down to 3 lumens.

Solar Module Does Not Work

Place it under the sun for a day.

Frame & Solar Panel Care
Because solar lights are usually left outdoors, they can gather quite a bit of dust and dirt. We recommend using a simple damp cloth and taking great care when cleaning the surfaces of both your light frame and solar module, so your lantern can get maximum recharge by the sun.

These solar products are warranted against defect for one year (from the date of purchase). The fabrication number needs to be saved for warranty inquiries. The warranty is voided with unexpected uses such as total immersion or visible damage to the module.

Method: You will receive this item by Fed Ex or UPS delivery. 

Timing: The typical lead time for this item is 5-10 business days from confirmed order and items in stock.

Bump XL Solar Lantern | Large
Large Bump Lantern | Space Grey
Bump XL Solar Lantern | Large
Medium Bump Lantern | Red
Bump Solar Lantern | Medium
Medium Bump Lantern | Space Grey
Bump Solar Lantern | Medium